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This Court Reporter Dishes on Her PA Proofreader

I keep hearing all these amazing things from my students about what their clients have said (some of which are posted on the homepage already), but now that I’ve gotten so many, I want to start sharing them here in their very own section on the site.

I am so pleased to be a part of the pioneer movement to improve proofreading for the court reporting profession. Having worked in a court reporting firm for several years, I know firsthand how important an excellent proofreader is. I obtained permission to share some mind-blowing feedback Mildred F. in TN shared with PA grad Corinna Bowers, who then shared it with me.

Before I share the feedback, first let me say: I am SO PROUD of Corinna and her focus on service as she launches her career as a transcript proofreader. Corinna and the feedback from her client, Mildred, are solid proof this program works, and that it is possible to train a proofreader from the ground up. Many reporters would say it’s better that way — no bad habits to break, you know the “fresh” proofreader is extra careful and attentive. They are taught to go the extra mile — and they do.

Mildred F. in Kingsport, TN, says:

“I have been in the legal field my entire life, and you are by far the best proofreader I have ever seen. I am just amazed at your expertise. On the very first two transcripts you proofread, you found two major errors that would have been very embarrassing, and they were errors that I hadn’t even realized I had made.”

“My only regret is that I didn’t find you sooner.”

“You have done an amazing job on these depositions. I am just floored with your expertise. I have been in the legal field my entire adult life, and I can say that you are one of a kind and truly gifted.”

“You are worth far more than you are charging.”

“I am still in shock over my good fortune in finding you. These are going to be the best transcripts I have ever done. I am so happy. I just hope I don’t wake up and this was just a dream.”

Editor’s note: It’s not a dream, Mildred! We promise!

Are you a reporter in need of a trained and tested proofreader for your transcripts?

Contact Corinna directly to work with her, or …

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  1. Way to go Corrina! I enjoy reading so many inspiring stories and look forward to more.

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