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Since November 2014, Proofread Anywhere has been the leading provider of proofreading skills courses and education on how to become a proofreader online.

Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

Proofread Anywhere was founded on the belief that excellence, optimism, and persistence create the bedrock of success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform our students -- even beginners -- into excellent proofreaders who are confident in their craft and able to generate income for themselves by providing quality proofreading services to clients.

Our Vision

Our vision with Proofread Anywhere is to remain the leader in proofreading training courses. We do this by responding to our student feedback and consistently updating our course content to contain the most cutting-edge resources, most realistic practice materials, and business & marketing advice that works.

Our Core Values

Community and Student Support

It’s a lot more fun to learn the ropes of proofreading with the support of our interactive student community and direct access to our support team. Lifetime access to both are included in your course tuition. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Proofread Anywhere listens -- and we will respond to your email! Try it today and see for yourself.


Did you know that 90% of Proofread Anywhere’s team members are graduates of one or both of our courses? It’s been that way since the beginning. We work best with other word nerds, and our support teams -- especially our test graders -- are far better equipped to help when they’ve “been there.”

Constant Improvement

The only constant is change, and the proofreading industry is no different. Our goal is for students to find themselves pleasantly surprised to log in and find new and expanded content as the industry evolves.

spot common errors

catch grammatical errors quicker

earn an extra income helping people

A Note From Our Founder

Hi there, Eagle Eyes!

I’m Caitlin Pyle. I’m a busy proofreader-turned-blogger who loves teaching other word nerds how to turn their proofreading prowess into profit!

Although I’d always been “that girl” in school who polished her friends’ papers for fun, I really found my knack for proofreading while studying in Germany as a college student in 2007. Helping my friends polish their words… while getting paid? It was a dream come true.

My “eagle eyes” for spotting errors grew stronger and stronger. In 2009, right before graduating from college, I began working as a receptionist at a court reporting agency. That’s when I picked up the true art of proofreading transcripts for court reporters… and that’s when my career as a proofreader really began to blossom.

By 2012, I had grown a full roster of court reporting clients for whom I proofread on a weekly basis.

In 2014, I started with a simple mission… to show anybody who was interested exactly how I started and grew my proofreading business from scratch.

I never expected that it would turn into the beautiful and supportive community it is now.

What started as just a weekend project has had a massive ripple effect of transformation in the lives of thousands of people all over the world. I couldn’t be more grateful for the privilege and honor to witness it all.

While Proofread Anywhere launched initially with a laser-focused course on proofreading transcripts for court reporters, we’ve evolved our suite of courses to include extensive training for proofreading all types of documents.

What’s your story? Whether you’re just thinking about becoming a proofreader, have already started your journey, or you’re looking for ways to find new clients, our team of word nerds is with you every step of the way.

To Your Success,

Here's What A Few Of Our Students Are Saying

Join the growing list of savvy proofreaders working with us to take connections to clients.

"I know it may sound like an exaggeration to say that it changed my life, but it really did. And not just from the financial perspective, but even my own personal belief in myself. The mindset work in the course was really priceless."

- Sarah Franks

"Really, I've got the freedom to work from wherever I want. I sort of have this office anywhere, which is really cool. My office is anywhere."

- Troy Swezey

"...Watching Caitlin and her energy really inspired me to finish the course and just to get started on my business, 'cause that's what I really wanted to do. And since graduating from the course 18 months ago, I have been slowly building my business. And I just got to the point this month, where I am fully booked for the month"

- Audrey Hodge

Ready To Begin Your Proofreading Journey?

Both of our proofreading courses are designed to help you polish your proofreading skills and launch your own proofreading career.

Our Courses

General Proofreading:

Theory & Practice™

  • Learn to earn money proofreading books and blogs
  • Less technical than transcript proofreading
  • Shorter learning curve

Transcript Proofreading

Theory & Practice™

  • Higher earning potential than general proofreading
  • More repeat clients
  • More technical skills = more money