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What Are the Best Proofreading Courses?

Updated: August 13, 2021

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  1. I won the spelling bee eight years in a row. When I was in seventh grade I remember being such a stickler on grammar and punctuation
    To this day I am the go to gal for reading a paper or story. I usually can notice a run on sentence and a punctuation error. Thank God for spell check.

  2. Yes, I am seeking training in proofreading. Any direction as to how to proceed to pursue that ability would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to join the free online workshop.

  4. Hello Caitlin! I just enrolled in Ignite Plus. I would bet that I am one of the most action oriented people to have signed up in a long time. I'm comfortably retired but I've been looking for just this for many years. Bring it on! After a good night's sleep, I'll be starting tomorrow. (Feel free to note corrections. LOL!)

  5. You recently had a sale offering your course for 60% off. I followed all the steps to enroll, to no avail. I tried two different payment methods but neither one would process. The sale ended midnight July 31st. I’m retired and on a fixed income but wanted to take advantage of the sale price. What happened? Why couldn’t I enroll?

  6. I am interested in this course.
    What is to the total cost?
    Do I need a cd-rom?
    Also, how long is the course?

    1. For more information on the full General Proofreading course and how much it costs, head over to our course overview page. https://learn.proofreadanywhere.com/gptp

      The time it takes to complete each course varies. It all depends on how much time you can devote to studying — and whether or not there are any areas you may need extra time to master.

      Some students have completed the General Proofreading course in 30 days. Others take longer. We advise you to take your time, study, and complete all of the practice so you can get the most out of it.

      The transcript proofreading course usually takes approximately 2-4 months to complete depending on your schedule and how much time you devote to the course, it could take more or less time for you. In any case, the students who see the most long-term success always take their time.

      That’s why we always recommend that you do not rush through the course just to get clients and income. Pace yourself so you can learn as much from the course as possible. The effort you put into it will reflect in the quality of proofreading you provide after you graduate. While our course gives you the tools to succeed, it’s ultimately up to you to perform high-quality work — which is what will help you acquire and retain clients! There’s no point in amassing a bunch of clients to make fast money if those clients aren’t happy with the end result. All of the study and practice you do is worth it! 😀

  7. I would love to take advantage of this sale, but cannot begin the course for a few weeks. Can you begin on your own timeline?


    1. You can start the course whenever you would like. You have lifetime access to your purchase.

  8. I could not find what you
    charge for the courses. Please advise the cost.
    Thank you.

    1. If you’re not sure about what exactly freelance proofreading is, or if this course is for you, we invite you to check out our Free 7-Day E-Course: Introduction to Proofreading! Please click on the link below:

      For information on our General Proofreading course, please click here: https://learn.proofreadanywhere.com/gptp

      For more information regarding our Transcript Proofreading course, please click this link:

    1. Yes, your client will determine which style guide they want used for their proofreading projects.

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