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Court Reporter Stephanie is Grateful for her Team

I’ve been a court reporter for 13 years. I started working with a new firm, and when I needed help proofreading, they put me in contact with Caitlin. She was, hands down, the best proofreader I ever worked with. She’s the reason I managed to develop a semblance of a social life outside of work. When she stopped proofreading to focus on developing and running her new company, I was thrilled for her but really nervous about finding a new proofreader who I could trust and bond with. Like most court reporters, I get fairly insane about the details.

I reached out to Caitlin, and she recommended some names of graduates of her program, and I can’t thank her enough for her suggestions. They’ve been absolutely wonderful, conscientious, detail oriented and responsive. I really admire them. My work is important to me, and I’m so grateful to have a team I can trust. I wouldn’t have them without Caitlin and the program she’s worked so hard to create.

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