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Earn An Extra Income Helping People

start a proofreading business

Gain momentum by:

  • Learning exactly what proofreaders do -- and don’t do
  • Avoiding the most common mistakes new proofreaders make when first starting out
  • Identifying how -- and where -- to find paying clients
  • And so much more…

3 Ways Proofread Anywhere Delivers…

It's A Proven System

By using a proven system to create income for yourself while doing what you love, your proofreading skills can do more than just pay the bills.

Easy To Follow Proofreading Courses

We turned the guesswork of starting and growing a proofreading business into practical step-by-step instructions. Each lesson builds upon the last, allowing you to confidently make progress you can see. 


From proofreading basics to marketing your services effectively, Proofread Anywhere covers it all. If you’ve got questions, our friendly support team and student communities are ready to answer!


Our proofreading courses help you transform your proofreading skills into a way to earn income!

general proofreading course

General Proofreading:


  • How To Earn Money Proofreading Books And Blogs
  • Learn Everything You Need To Know About Proofreading
  • Discover How To Bring In Your First Clients
  • Demystified: Business Setup, Billing… Even Taxes!
transcript proofreading course

Transcript Proofreading:


  • Learn How To Proofread Spoken Words
  • Higher Possibility for Repeat Clients
  • More Technical Skills = Higher Earning Potential
proofreading testimonial

I absolutely love working as a freelance proofreader. I decide my own schedule and I don’t have to follow a dress code or talk on the phone.

Ashley, PA graduate and success story

How Our Proofreading Courses Make It Easier For You to Build Your Skills & Start A Sustainable Proofreading Business…

Both of our proofreading courses are designed to help you polish your proofreading skills and launch your own proofreading career.

We do this in 4 simple steps…


Choose The Right Course For You

Whether you dream of proofreading for your favorite author or love geeking out on expert testimony given in a courtroom, both of our courses pave the way to profits as a proofreader. Each lesson is concise and straightforward, allowing for a stress-free learning experience.


Learn The Art Of Proofreading

Working through each lesson, you’ll build and polish the skills you need to become a proofreader. You’ll practice and even be “put to the test” with quizzes and hand-graded examinations -- so you can feel confident in your ability to take action and succeed.


Apply The Lessons

The key difference between unprofitable proofreaders vs. profitable proofreaders… is that the profitable ones apply what they’ve learned! Information is useless without implementation, which is why Proofread Anywhere focuses on building confidence through practice -- not just learning theory and rules.


Launch Your Business and Start Earning

Making money as a proofreader is a great thing. It’s so satisfying to generate an income doing something you love. After you’ve mastered the art of proofreading, it’s time to launch! We take you through the “business” side of proofreading -- including how to find clients as a proofreader -- empowering you to grow with confidence.

Ready to Learn More?

Polish your skills With Us… and Profit!

Designed and regularly updated by experienced professionals, our courses help you transform your “eagle eyes” for spotting errors into marketable skills you can use to grow into a profitable freelance proofreader.

Through a unique combination of:

1) Everything you need to know about proofreading (it’s more than just finding typos!)

2) Everything you need to know about launching and growing a profitable and successful proofreading business -- from setting your prices to finding and communicating with clients

3) Lifetime support, updates, and an interactive community…
Proofread Anywhere is the leading choice for learning how to become a proofreader online.

We invite you to become not just good at proofreading, but a master at proofreading. Why? Because the stronger your skills are, the more confident you become. We’re with you every step of the way.

proofreader testimonial from Maria

I can't say enough about how the PA course changed my life. I'm so glad I found it because it's given me the freedom I've been wanting -- work whenever and however much I want and enjoy my own life too!

maria arellano (from trustpilot)

Hear What Students Say About Our Training Courses

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Where should I start?

Most of our students begin with the General Proofreading: Theory and Practice course.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The amount of time it takes to complete the course varies based on a lot of factors, including the time you have available. We’ve seen students complete the course in as little as a month, whereas others take quite a bit longer since they integrate their coursework into their current schedule of family fun, date nights, and other activities. 

Does Proofread Anywhere help me get clients?

Yes. Not only does Proofread Anywhere teach you the ins and outs of performing excellent work as a proofreader, we teach you business tools, website setup, and how/where to find work as a proofreader.