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Funny Dangling Modifiers: How to Identify and Fix Them

Updated: August 31, 2020

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  1. These were fun and reminded me that there's more to proofreading than punctuation.

  2. A dangling modifier can be such fun !

    When I read anything, my proofreading skills turn on automatically. I am amazed at the errors, especially on the Internet, to the point of it being a pet peeve !

    1. My question is about "only." To me there seems to be only one place in the sentence to place this word: directly before the words it is limiting.

      "There seems to only be one place . . ." should read as I have it above.

      "He only has five dollars" should read "He has only five dollars."

      "If only I understood what he was talking about" should read "If I only understood. . ."

      However, I've been told and have read that I am not correct in this assumption.

  3. Wow its all about modification of sentences !

    for example : She is going to Delhi at her brother's marriage.

    This sentence doesn't make any sense .

    So we can say;
    Jennifer is going to Delhi at her beloved brother's marriage.

    Hence, i love to discover and learn new things. It was amazing.

  4. it was," Fred whispered to harry as they got up from the table. "we sent it."(5)— throwing the paper airplane at him,"i wouldn't chuck knives at them.

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