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How Catherine Made an Extra $3,600 Freelance Proofreading From Canada

Updated: January 21, 2018

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  1. What a great and inspirational story. This specifically resonates with me as I live in Canada and also work in the financial industry. I did graduate from the transcript proofreading course but also interested in the general course. Way to go Catherine!

  2. I am definitely interested in this course. I want to have this skill alongside transcribing which I am currently pursuing.

    Commas I think are the hardest part of these courses.

    Well done Catherine! I am shy also and nervous to start a business. However, I am getting more confidence daily as I am also fed up of the commute in my country of Trinidad and Tobago.

  3. The picture is showing you in front of a laptop. Are you using it or an iPad to do the proofreading? Just asking since an iPad is recommended. If you are using a laptop, which software do you use instead of iAnnotate?

    1. The pictures you are referencing are not of the people in the interviews. The others are, though. In this post Caitlin wrote, she does discuss other methods of proofreading. 🙂

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