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America’s Best Coworking Spaces

America’s Best Coworking Spaces & The Benefits of Flexible Working

Attitudes towards the way we work have changed remarkably in recent years — from the rise of hybrid work models and fully remote roles to well-publicized trials testing the potential benefits of a 4-day work week — it’s become clear that traditional 9-5 jobs and office-based cultures are quickly becoming outdated.

Recently published data seems to support the idea that providing workers with more flexibility is mutually beneficial to staff and employers, with data showing that 62% of workers report feeling more productive in flexible roles, and 60% of surveyed managers agree.

Though a rising number of employees are attracted to hybrid and remote work for the numerous positive benefits these roles may have on their working lives, as many as 60% claim to miss the more interactive and collaborative benefits of in-person office-based work — if only there were a middle-ground.

As freelancers and work-from-home experts, we see the value in flexible work, while still understanding that socializing is a part of human nature. If you’re feeling stuck at home, uninspired, or just in need of a good networking environment, coworking spaces could be perfect for you!

What Is a Coworking Space?

What is coworking?

A coworking space is a commercial office designed to accommodate workers from different companies or industries who wish to perform their roles in a traditional office workspace or dedicated desk whilst still enjoying the freedom to work remotely as and when they want.

Coworking spaces contain shared facilities, concierge services, high-speed internet, business tools, and refreshments, while the cost of running the office is distributed across all members.

Members are free to set their own hours within the availability provided by the facility manager. For example, most offices use access control products and personalized ID cards that allow workers to manage their own property or event spaces and amenity access at any time.

One of the main draws to the use of coworking offices is the fact that these spaces often double as professionally-minded community centers and collaboration hubs, allowing employees from different, but similarly positioned, companies to share ideas and expertise productively and positively. To support this freedom and flexibility, most spaces host regular networking events and meetups that are accessible to all office members.

America’s Best Coworking Spaces & Services

America's best coworking spaces

The number of operational coworking spaces in the US has risen significantly in recent years, from around 4,000 spaces in 2017 to over 6,000 in 2022 — an increase of 55% in just 5 years. Many cities boasting global business hub status, such as New York City, are exploding with coworking spaces. Of course, some coworking spaces may be more attractive than others. Below are some examples of America’s best coworking options.

Common Desk – NC, TX

The Common Desk currently operates 22 coworking locations throughout North Carolina and Texas, targeting start-ups, small businesses, remote workers, and established companies. An open network approach across all locations enables workers and businesses to move freely between each Common Desk coworking office without needing to reapply for a new position or adjust existing accounts.

The Common Desk Amenities

The spaces offer flexible floor plans, bookable conference room access, private space, and regular community events to promote collaboration and teamwork amongst all active members. And of course, fast and reliable wifi and unlimited coffee are at the top of the most popular amenities.

Serendipity Labs – CA, FL, TX, NY…

Serendipity Labs aims to provide independent workers and small businesses with an upscale office environment centered around hospitality, comfort, and productivity. Serendipity Labs currently runs 30 separate coworking spaces across the entire US, with locations in California, Florida, Texas, and New York, to name a few — all providing in-house hospitality teams and support staff.

Serendipity Labs Amenities

Independent workers can choose a membership that includes access to a private space and all communal facilities, and small businesses can apply for team suite membership options that include space for between 1 and 50 employees, with additional access to all on-site meetings and boardrooms.

COhatch – GA, OH, IN, FL, PA

COhatch is very much a community-driven organization focused on promoting collaboration through coworking spaces, which are located in several major cities throughout Georgia, Ohio, Indianapolis, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Both independent workers and small businesses can apply for memberships, all of which include access to private offices, communal meeting rooms, frequent on-site team-building events, and networking opportunities.

COhatch Amenities

COhatch’s unique selling point is its bespoke lifestyle perks program aimed at encouraging the sharing of ideas and expertise. The program offers members access to company-owned vacation homes, family-focused events, and the company’s privately run virtual community platform.

Impact Hub – NY, ME, MA, TX, MN, FL 

Impact Hub is an inspiring working and learning space that combines the best parts of a coworking space, classroom, and networking event under one roof. Founded in 2005, Impact Hub has grown into a global network of 14 locations across the United States. 

Impact Hub Amenities

At Impact Hub, creatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals have access to cutting-edge resources designed to foster connectivity and collaboration. They can attend monthly events centered around social enterprise, take part in expert-led workshops, benefit from exclusive discounts for business goods and services, or simply make use of their comfortable workspaces. To spice up downtime or relax between meetings, members can play board games in the cozy lounges or get a cup of coffee at handcrafted cafes.

Regus – Almost all 50 states

When you need professional office space, Regus is one of the best options available. With over 3,000 locations worldwide, Regus provides amazing convenience for all types of business travelers. Whether you’re looking for a short-term workspace to launch your freelance business or need a long-term setup to better facilitate remote work and telecommuting, this coworking space has what you need! 

Regus Amenities

As an optional upgrade to its already impressive office space rentals, Regus offers custom furniture and decor packages that will help make the space truly unique and tailored to your needs and tastes. With features like flexible contracts as well as great customer service, you can be sure that whatever kind of workspace you choose will give you everything you need for productivity and success!

The Benefits of Flexible Work for Businesses

The benefits of flexible work

Coworking spaces have boomed in popularity in recent years for a reason — numerous well-researched reports indicate that more flexibility within traditional work schedules can bring about several important benefits for both employees and employers. Below are a few examples.

Employee Engagement

Employees engaged in flexible work schedules such as remote, hybrid, or flexi-time roles are typically more engaged with their work. Allowing staff to choose when they complete projects helps professionals to prioritize tasks in line with their current mental load, often resulting in a more focused approach to critical duties whilst also reducing feelings of burnout, anxiety, and stress.

Health and Wellbeing

Offering employees and freelancers more control over their schedules enables them to pay more attention to their mental and physical health. Professionals can book and attend medical appointments without fear of missing work, plan daily physical and mental health routines according to their personal needs, and choose to work at home if they feel unwell, thus avoiding the spread of illness in the workplace.

Professional Development & Networking

People working within flexible arrangements often find it easier to pursue additional educational programs and skill development courses related to their primary roles, thus improving their job performance and increasing their value to employers and clients. Workers can schedule classes around their working availability without interrupting business activities.

Job Satisfaction

Modern candidates prioritize jobs that offer flexible schedules, and flexible positions attract 7 times more applicants than in-person roles. One reason for this could be that 79% of surveyed staff working within flexible arrangements claimed to be satisfied at work and with their work-life balances.


The way that we approach employment today continues to change with more workers and businesses seeming to prioritize work-life balance, freedom, and flexibility over models that have long been centered around 9-5 schedules and predominantly office-based working cultures.

As working continues to shift and change, it’s important to listen to your body and your mind to avoid burnout, stay inspired, and work in a way that is sustainable for your life. If working from a home office just isn’t doing it for you, a coworking space could be exactly what you need!

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