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9 Ways to Improve Your Mindset While Working from Home

Updated: March 30, 2020

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  1. My housemate often does not see that I have earphones in so one Easter I purchased a headband with rabbit ears at the dollar store. Now when I’m listening to something I put them on As a signal that my ears and brain are engaged elsewhere!

  2. Thank Caitlin for these invaluable hints on the right mindset for a time like this, it will go long to prepare me ready. I say many thanks

  3. I totally agree with you! Such a situation as it can now unsettle us, there is constant chaos in the house. I do not have a separate room for work and this greatly affects my morale, something constantly distracts me. I used to work in pajamas, but for some reason I was lazy all the time and then I decided to change into normal clothes, and this brings my thoughts to tone, I don’t want to go to bed faster. Thanks for your advice, good luck!

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