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AI Tools to Improve Your Business

It’s true that artificial intelligence, or “AI,” is slowly taking over the world. The global AI market size surpassed a staggering $136.55 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach a jaw-dropping $1,811.8 billion by 2030. 

And that’s not all—within the next seven years, the AI industry, alone, is expected to contribute over $15 trillion to the global economy, surpassing the combined output of China and India. 

There’s no denying it: AI’s popularity has come with some problems. For example, AI-generated art software has been taking credit for real artists’ work, and students are using ChatGPT to cheat on assignments. These issues make people question whether AI can truly benefit businesses ethically and reliably.

But while there are plenty of bad examples of AI use, there are even more great examples of its potential to help freelancers and business owners across various industries. This includes professionals such as proofreaders, editors, designers, and content creators, including ghostwriters

Who Can Use AI Tools?

The image answers the question, "Who can use AI tools?"

Anyone can use AI as long as people understand how the technology works and how to use it to their advantage.

AI tools can help boost productivity by speeding up — and in some cases even automating— time-consuming tasks, such as drafting project outlines, search engine optimization (SEO), and organizing invoices. There are even project management AI tools that can help you prioritize tasks and stay on top of your workflow. 

AI at Proofread Anywhere

The image describe the Proofread Anywhere AI module

At Proofread Anywhere, we always encourage our students to keep up-to-date on technological advances to stay relevant, especially in the freelance industry where competition is more fierce than traditional 9–5 jobs. 

That’s why we’ve recently added a new AI module to our general proofreading and transcript proofreading courses — available immediately to current students and graduates. The module comprehensively explores AI, covering its definition, effective use of artificial intelligence tools to boost productivity, and a thorough examination of the pros and cons of AI technologies.

Although we recognize AI’s potential, at Proofread Anywhere we do not use or support publishing AI-generated content. No matter how advanced AI writing tools have become, the tools aren’t perfect and can’t replicate the creativity, empathy, and insights that a human voice naturally brings to the writing process. Technology can’t build authentic emotional connections with readers, nor relate on a personal level. 

If you’re looking to start your proofreading business, check out the FREE ebook: The Beginner’s Guide to Proofreading for Profit!

You can also try 7 days of our transcript proofreading course for free! 

Best AI Tools for Business

You don’t have to navigate the mysterious realm of AI alone. In this section, we’ve compiled a list of the best AI tools for businesses to help you in your work as a proofreader or any other remote, work-at-home job

Whether you need AI marketing tools to design professional logos or grammar tools to nip infuriating typos in the bud, you’re sure to find a range of AI tools that’ll help your business flourish while saving you time and money in the long run. 

AI Writing Tools

The image shows the best AI writing tools

While we firmly hold that AI-generated writing should never replace human writing, we acknowledge that AI can be used to save time and allow freelance writers to focus on producing their best work. 

Imagine the mental space you’ll reclaim by letting AI handle grammar corrections and redundant edits, allowing you to focus on perfecting your words!


Designed as a powerful tool that “helps you write with confidence,” Grammarly is an AI writing assistant that speeds up the editing process by providing automated proofreading, rephrasing suggestions, and real-time guidance on grammar rules as you write. Additionally, the software aids in expressing your ideas concisely and clearly. 

Grammarly has recently introduced several new AI-powered features that effectively streamline the entire writing process. These enhancements cover everything from creating outlines to tailoring content for specific target audiences. 

For proofreaders, using tools like Grammarly can help to speed up your average turn-around times. This software can also ensure that you don’t miss small errors. However, proofreaders should keep in mind that Grammarly can still make mistakes and isn’t designed to handle style guides, specific formatting, or editorial preferences.

Grammarly is incredibly easy to use and compatible with most web browsers. While the basic plan is free, accessing the advanced features requires a premium or business version subscription, priced at around $12 to $15 per month. You can also find great Grammarly deals online to save money on your subscription.


ChatGPT is a chatbot that can help you thwart writer’s block by providing boundless inspiration.

The tool can be used to quickly generate blog posts, product descriptions, brief outlines, article headers, social media content, email replies, and other short-form content. You can also use tools like ChatGPT’s Code-Interpreter to help you write and edit code on your freelance website.

Setting up a ChatGPT account is a breeze and, best of all, there is a free version. For faster response times and priority access to new features and improvements, a paid subscription plan is available for $20 per month.

Jasper AI

Jasper, formerly called Jarvis, is similar to ChatGPT in the sense that it’s an AI content generator. The tool shines as a solution primarily for businesses, offering additional capabilities specifically designed to help with marketing strategies. 

For example, Jasper offers an extensive library with convenient access to templates for various marketing content requirements — you’ll find ready-to-use layouts for Amazon product descriptions, Instagram photo captions, video script outlines, and SEO meta descriptions.

Moreover, Jasper distinguishes itself by providing excellent customer support, surpassing ChatGPT’s offerings. 

It’s important to note that Jasper is not available for free, and costs $39 per month.  


Good SEO is essential for your business website to rank higher in search engines and attract potential customers. However, optimizing your website and its written content for SEO isn’t easy, especially if you’re not a tech wiz. 

Luckily, SurferSEO offers AI capabilities that are easy to use and simplify the SEO process. The AI tool automates tasks like keyword research, meta descriptions, and SEO-friendly headers, and even generates SEO-tailored brief outlines.

SurferSEO isn’t free, but there are several reasonable pricing plan options.

AI Design Tools

The image shows the best AI design tools

If your design skills are lackluster, AI design tools can help bring the masterpieces in your imagination to life. You can use AI tools to create branding materials, generate logo ideas, and even set up a user-friendly website for your business. Some of the best AI design tools include Canva, 10Web, Mighty Deals AI Asset Finder, and Let’s Enhance. 


Canva is essentially a “Swiss army knife” for designers. The tool is perfect for creating all sorts of visual content for your business, from animated social media posts to data visualizations.

The platform offers numerous customizable design templates, a vast image library, and a bunch of cool features, some of which use AI to make designing even easier. Plus, the drag-and-drop interface is super user-friendly, making the software accessible to anyone, even those with no design experience.

You can try out limited Canva features for free, and a premium membership costs $14.99 per month for access to key features, design templates, and images. 


Setting up your freelance website shouldn’t require any previous coding experience to create a stunning and user-friendly online presence. Thanks to 10Web, you can effortlessly establish a business website that significantly boosts customer engagement. 

10Web is one of the best AI-powered web builders available. Based on your answers to a few simple questions about your business, the software generates a fully-functioning website for you in minutes. You can then tweak the website to your liking with the beginner-friendly drag-and-drop interface. 

10Web is a premium product and there are three different pricing plans available, ranging from $10 per month to $100 per month. While fairly pricey, the benefits of this AI tool are well worth it — not only does the site offer live 24/7 chat support, but there is also a dedicated Slack channel where you can directly connect developers.

Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is an AI software for automatically enhancing photo clarity, colors, features, and resolution. In other words, it’ll make your photos look like they were shot on a high-end camera instead of your phone! Let’s Enhance is a must-have tool if your business sells physical products because the software will ensure your photography showcases your products in the best light possible. 

A free software trial is available, or you can purchase the premium plan for $9 to $24 per month to avoid the watermark.

Mighty Deals

As one of the best graphic design asset discount sites, Mighty Deals is the best place to find design tools at the best prices. The site’s new AI chatbot tool can help you find fonts, graphics, templates, web design tools, and more at a discounted price.

AI Productivity & Time Management Tools

The image shows the best productivity and time management tools

The saying “Time is money” holds especially true for freelancers. The faster your work output, the higher your annual income can be. Of course, it can be challenging to increase your work output without sacrificing quality or becoming overwhelmed. 

Luckily, a variety of AI tools exist to help you save time, keep on top of deadlines, prioritize tasks efficiently, and boost your productivity. Some of our personal favorites include Siri, Trevor AI, and Timely. 


Siri — yes, the virtual AI assistant tucked within your phone — can help you stay on top of your work in a wide range of ways — from setting task reminders to initiating a timer countdown (ideal when using time management strategies like the Pomodoro technique).

Siri is free to use and is available on every Apple device, though if you’re not an Apple user you’ll want to instead use Alexa (Amazon) or Cortana (Microsoft). While these virtual assistants have slight differences, the tools all provide similar productivity features. 

Trevor AI

Trevor AI is a task-planning app that helps you take control of your day. What sets this tool apart from other scheduling software is that the software auto-assigns durations for your tasks, offers predictive rescheduling suggestions, and reminds you of overdue tasks.

The drag-and-drop interface is incredibly easy to use and it also features real-time, two-way sync between Todist and Google Calendar, allowing you to keep everything in one, convenient space. 

Trevor AI is free for personal use with limited features. The full, pro version costs $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year.


Timely is an AI-powered automatic time tracker that makes it effortless to manage projects, track the progress of plans, and get a precise picture of how you’re spending your work day. Basically, this tool is the ultimate weapon against procrastination! 

The app costs between $9 and $28 per month, and a free trial is available so you can test the features before committing.

Other AI Tools 

The image shows other AI tools

While AI-powered tools are mostly used to assist with content generation, time management, and designing branding materials, that’s not all that the software can help with. Other business needs like data analysis or managing expenses, and even personal life challenges like a poor sleep schedule can be managed with AI.


It can be tough working out expenses, tracking dozens of invoices, and sifting through transaction after transaction to weed out errors.

Fortunately, Booke’s AI-powered capabilities make the bookkeeping process a whole lot easier. The tool’s game-changing features include advanced error detection, auto-categorization of transactions, and two-way integrations with popular accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks.

Booke is a paid software, with prices starting at $9 per month.


With Sleeptracker, you can make sure that poor sleep schedules don’t hold you back from reaching your full potential. The AI app tracks sleep metrics including your respiration rate, heart rate, and movements, and offers personalized advice on how to improve your sleep based on the data. 

Sleeptracker is compatible with Apple and Android devices, though you do need to buy a Beautyrest Monitor to use the app.

A 1-year premium advanced subscription, which gives you unlimited cloud-based data storage and advanced sleep analysis reports, will set you back $29.99.

Lyro (Tidio)

Selling products through an online store? Check out Lyro, an AI-powered chatbot that seamlessly integrates with your website to help you stay on top of interactions with site visitors 

The chatbot effectively analyzes customers’ questions in seconds, provides human-like answers, and even understands context and remembers previous replies. Then, when the chatbot’s AI capabilities reach limitation, the tool refers users to a real human agent to keep the conversation going.

Lyro is a Tidio premium feature. Every Tidio user can try it out for free (up to 50 conversations), but you’ll need to contact the support team to get a custom quote for more Lyro conversations.

Final Thoughts

The image shows how to pick the AI took for your needs

Artificial Intelligence has grown rapidly in recent years, impacting almost every aspect of our lives. AI has reshaped how we interact, communicate, and work.

Though AI can sound intimidating with terms like “algorithm” and “machine learning,” there’s no need to fear. AI technologies are designed to enhance our lives, and while not flawless, the tools offer numerous benefits.

Looking ahead, AI tools will undoubtedly continue to improve and contribute to our success in ways we may not yet comprehend. We eagerly anticipate an “AI-powered future” and are excited to witness its unfolding!

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