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13 Myths About Proofread Anywhere … BUSTED.

Updated: September 23, 2015

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  1. Aloha, Caitlin: Roger here–again! I enjoyed reading this very interesting article and I agree 100% with the way you “busted” every single myth about your PA system. Myth #7: “Experience within the course is useless without paid experience.” I can totally relate to this.
    As I mentioned to you at one point in the past, while waiting for the one or two weeks prior to my official start date with a new company, I asked the supervisor if I could spend time–unpaid–just to get the necessary experience I felt I really needed to feel comfortable transcribing because I knew I had “tons’ to learn to succeed in this medical transcriptionist position I was embarking on soon. I’m glad and appreciate that she agreed to take me up on this idea and overall, it turned out just fine for everyone.
    I just want people to realize that you can’t really expect to get “paid” while in the process of learning the skills you need unless you were in some type of apprentice program where being paid during training is commonplace.
    I’d like to suggest to students to just put all you’ve got into the training and you will get paid–“after” your training period is over and it will have been well worth the “unpaid” training time and patience and determination you put into it.
    Again, Caitlin, thank you very much for posting this very informative article.


  2. GREAT insights, Roger!! Your real-world experience perfectly illustrates what I’m trying to communicate here. I completely agree, too — unpaid experience is super valuable. What other proofreaders (besides my PA students, if you will) can say they’ve actually spent MONTHS preparing before attempting paid proofreading work? What about taking exams and allowing themselves to be objectively evaluated for competence? I know I sure didn’t, and I made some mistakes early on as a proofreader that’d prove it; no doubt mistakes I could’ve avoided had I actually been trained instead of thrown into the fire. To boot, some employers won’t hire college grads unless they’ve had an internship which, SURPRISE!, is usually unpaid experience. Very valuable unpaid experience.

  3. Hi

    Can a non-resident, albeit English speaking, expect to be able to get regular proofreading work in the USA?

    How would payments be made? Would PayPal be a viable option?

    1. Yes! Check out this blog post for more information. Some of our grads use PayPal, Google Wallet, or Venmo to receive payments.

  4. I'm intrigued, but curious to know how does a proofreader get payment for service's, who pays, and what if you never get payment?

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