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From Proofreading to Writing: Why This PA Grad Switched

Updated: May 29, 2018

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  1. Oh my. This is just what I needed to read today. What Julia has done is exactly what I want to do — freelance commercial writing — and keep proofreading in my freelance bag of tricks. Her story is so inspiring. Thank you for this post, Caitlin! I now have a goal of being the subject of a future Caitlin blog post. 🙂

    1. Donna, it’s actually been REALLY hard to put myself out there. So, I have to smile about the inspirational part. That just makes me happy on so many levels. Networking with others has helped to keep me going when I felt like quitting. I’d be happy to connect with you perhaps on LinkedIn. It’s a great place to grow your business.

  2. Julia,
    Thanks for offering your unique insight into getting a writing business launched from the ground up. Your personal journey helps us see that there is a niche for everyone.

    1. Denise,
      Learning a new skill can take us down an unexpected path, right? I just always figured I’d write that book someday when I had something really valuable to say. I never dreamed I could help promote business success!

  3. This interview with Julia is inspiring; she has taken what she learned and not only succeeded at proofreading but took it a step further into a new kind of business. Her success will be the impetus for many others to be brave, learn a new skill, and step out.

    1. I think there are lots of brave people in the Proofread Anywhere group. Caitlin is certainly inspires that sort of thinking!

  4. Julia certainly has the diligence and heart to not only take care of her loved ones, but also her clients. Staying up until 2 am to work while caring for others says more than any words.
    Her skills and the drive behind them will certainly profit anyone. Proofreading is beyond underrated and completely needed.

    1. Thank you, Samantha,
      I think I’m getting too long in the tooth to stay up until 2 am very often. 🙂 I moderate my work hours better with writing clients. My hat’s off to the fearless night owl proofreaders! (Proofread this. Should I have hyphenated night owl?)

  5. This is really inspirational! I have enjoyed reading your blogs and articles in the past – you really know how to make a mundane topic interesting to read.

  6. ‘Thanks Julia for the inspiration! Death and sickness in a family can slow you down a bit, but I am so glad to read that it has not done that to you and your dreams.

    Thanks also to Caitlin! She has really been an inspiration from the Work at Home Summit to now.

    I have not started her course yet, as I am still doing the general transcriptionist course at Transcribe Anywhere. I too want to offer a variety of complementary services.

  7. Julia has such a way with words. She is a dedicated caregiver, provider, and writer. Her determination to do a wonderful job at all she does is absolutely inspiring!!! This interview was excellent!

  8. Sounds to me like proofreading anywhere is a great opportunity for additional income and expanding one’s horizons. I’m not surprised Julie has discovered it! She is a very articulate and diligent person.
    This work would be ideal for a newly retired person who wants to keep sharp. Also, I imagine this is a very needed skill in our multicultural environment – native English speakers would have an advantage.

  9. Julia is dedicated and professional. I’m excited to see where her work goes.

  10. I, too, decided that writing would be a good next step for me. As Julia did, I have started with AWAI. I just have my toes dipped in the water right now; I can see myself going in the same direction. Thanks for the post. It's good to know there are others out there doing the same.

  11. I am working on the proofread anywhere class. I think I will then focus on legal work. Do you offer a class for proofreading that type of writing?

  12. I love the proofreading course. It is challenging, but excellent prep for the job. In the midst of taking this course, I began writing again, as I was trying to refresh myself for starting my own business. ( I use to write content for the web). I am now in the middle of self publishing some of my children’s poetry!
    I should return to the task of finishing the proofreading course soon. Caitlyn, I so appreciate your commitment to us- you are continually motivating us to succeed! Thank you!

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