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Where can I find a Proofread Anywhere discount code?

We actually don’t offer discount codes regularly. So you won’t find any if you Google for them because they don’t exist.

We have offered small discount codes (up to 10%) in the past for very short 24-hour promotions, such as Black Friday. We do not offer such discounts more than once per year, if we offer them at all.

The best chance to be informed of any discounts we choose to offer in the future is by being on our mailing list. If you’ve enrolled in the free 7-day intro course already, then you’re on our mailing list until you choose to unsubscribe. We usually email no more than 3-4 newsletters per month.

Why don’t you offer discount codes all the time?

The reason we do not offer discount codes regularly is because what we offer are courses in which you enroll, not products that you purchase.

A lot, and I mean a lot of work and money goes into running Proofread Anywhere and supporting our students.

Our tuition fees are what they are for a reason.

For example, I currently have a team of nine virtual assistants who help me provide lifetime support to our students — hand grading tests, answering forum questions, etc.

Providing that level of service isn’t cheap — quite the opposite — and we don’t receive any compensation from students aside from their tuition, even though we include lifetime membership without recurring costs. We do this because our students have the best opportunity for success with comprehensive courses as opposed to just a digital download product that lacks ongoing support.

So rest assured that even without a discount code, you will get more than your money’s worth. Click here to learn more and enroll. 

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  1. Have you ever had any male students? I couldn’t find any in the list of graduates, so was just wondering if they would have a harder time doing this or finding work for some reason?

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