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The ULTIMATE List of Gift Ideas for Grammar Geeks and Word Nerds

Happy Holidays, to our favorite book lovers and grammar gurus!

We’ve spent hours searching through Amazon to find the best gifts for you and your loved ones this season. Whether you are buying for the library lurkers on your list, or if you just need a few stocking stuffers for yourself, we’ve got the best and most creative gifts for this holiday season.

Gifts for Book Lovers & Writers

Starting out strong, here are our favorite gifts for anyone who graduated with an English degree or just spends way too much time on BookTok.

Book Vase Bookend

This gorgeous vase looks cute with any knick-knacks and goes perfectly with a beige aesthetic. The glass aesthetic is versatile with flowers of any color — or,  put it on your desk and use it to hold your pen collection. We won’t judge!

Floating Candles and Wand Remote

Yes, this gift may come across as a bit of a novelty, but trust us. Any Harry Potter kid’s eyes will light up when they wave the magic wand remote and see their house illuminated like the Grand Hall.

These candles can be hung up, using the included clear fishing line, all year round or just during the spooky months. This gift will keep the magic alive for your loved ones.

Medieval Font Bundle

Medieval Font Bundle

If you have a crafty friend or family member who loves creating cards, digital designs, or the world’s best Canva invitations, get them the gift of incredible typography with this hand-drawn Medieval font bundle.

With included paper textures and 9 fonts, your loved ones can create the perfect designs for their next Hobbit party, Renaissance baby shower, or Dungeons and Dragons game night!

Best Friend Fill-in-the-Blank Book

If you’re looking for a cute, bespoke gift for your bestie, this fill-in-the-blank book fits the bill perfectly. You can choose to make it heartfelt, silly, or filled with inside jokes that you and your bestie can laugh about all year.

With a collection of prompts and space for photos and drawings, you can fill this book with all of the memories that you never want your bestie to forget!

Burn After Writing Self-Discovery Book:

If you have a hard time journaling or know a loved one who needs to get their thoughts onto paper, this self-discovery journal is a lovely choice. With so much time spent on social media sharing our thoughts, the Burn After Writing book is designed to be a place for honest reflection with yourself.

Encourage your friends and family to start on their inner-healing journey and reap the benefits of their emotional intelligence. After they’re finished, they can throw it out, hide it, or Burn After Writing!

Jeopardy Trivia Book:

Okay, word nerds, it’s your time to shine with this mega-book of Jeopardy puzzles and games. If you or your friends have been told that you need to audition for Jeopardy, here is your chance. Practice up and show your trivia skills. 

With 27 crossword puzzles and 40 word search puzzles, you can spend the holidays cozied up with your loved ones while you all try to solve the puzzles. Or, you can try to take on the puzzles by yourself on the long ride back home. 

Don’t waste the holidays scrolling on your phone, strengthen your brain and challenge your memory! Let’s make Alex Trebek proud.

Mini Reading Journal

Yes, you could write your book progress down on Goodreads, but there is something so magical about writing in a small notebook made just for your bookish thoughts. Get this little reading journal for yourself or for all your book club friends and enjoy comparing your thoughts and ideas about your latest completed novels. 

Magnetic Bookmarks

Do we ever have enough bookmarks? Of course not! These bad boys are magnetic, so they won’t damage your books, they’re even harder to lose, and, with the small size and light weight of these bookmarks, you can use more than one to mark important passages in books.

Grab a mix of colors to mark and color code your favorite recipes, books, or yearly planner! These bookmarks also make a great gift for teachers to help them keep track of homework papers and textbook pages.

Kindle Paperwhite

Whether you’re a traveler, backpacker, by-the-lake lounger, or bathtub reader, the Kindle Paperwhite will make the journey with you no matter where you choose to start your next reading adventure.

You can enjoy up to 32 GB of books and audiobooks on a paper-like screen with an easy-on-the-eyes backlight and waterproofed design. The battery also lasts for weeks so you can keep reading without worrying about remembering your charging cord. Download new books in minutes and never waste time waiting for books to arrive in the mail. 

Literary Book Bag

Everyone knows a fashionable fiction enthusiast who needs a custom bag shaped like their favorite book! With an adjustable leather strap, a magnetic clasp, and 25 book styles to choose from, this bag is crafted with genuine quality for the well-dressed and well-read.

Whether they are on the way to the library or headed on a classy date, this bag will compliment any outfit and tell the world that your loved ones truly can be that clever and that cute.

Novel Teas Book Quote Tea Bags

What is better than a literary pun? A literary pun with an accompanying cup of incredible tea to warm you up throughout the winter. Each of these novel teas comes with a book quote from some of the most famous authors in American history. Thrill your book club or enjoy a good cup of tea on your own with an inspiring thought.

Brew up one of these English Breakfast bags while you sit by the fire to enjoy rereading your favorite book for the hundredth time.

Stained Glass Book Lamp

With delicate glasswork and bright colors, this lamp will light up any room. Whether you’re looking for a way to read late into the night, or just a decorative lamp to amp up your space, this stained glass book lamp will fit in perfectly.

Bring the vintage charm of an old library to your home with this Tiffany-style, hand-crafted book lamp and enjoy the rustic glow.

Work-from-Anywhere Essentials

While you’re buying for the holidays, don’t forget these practical items for yourself or your work-from-home besties. From home office improvements to travel trinkets, here’s our list of the best work-from-anywhere essentials.

Traveler’s Journal 

If you’re ready to kick off 2024 with a nomadic lifestyle, don’t forget to write down all of your travel adventures in a travel journal. You can also gift this to your favorite jet-setting friends or a family member who plans to spend 2024 vacationing.

The journal pages are refillable and the cover is made of leather, so no need to buy a new journal every time you fill up the pages!

Stanley Cup Snack Bowl Attachment

Calling all Stanley Mug lovers! Anyone willing to carry around these massive cups probably needs a good snack to go with their drink. This cup attachment is an easy stocking stuffer for anyone with a Stanley cup and makes for the perfect accessory for road trips!

Choose from cream or teal options to best match the accompanying cup. If you haven’t succumbed to the Stanley trend and want to get in on the action, you can get your own mug here.

Light Therapy Lamp 

Anyone working from home during the winter needs a light therapy lamp to keep their vitamin D levels up and their spirits high. Fight seasonal depression and the winter blues while imagining you’re on a beach, relaxing in the sun.

Cute Bluetooth Keyboard

Extend and retrofit your at-home or on-the-go workspace, or gift this super cute, cordless keyboard to a writer friend.  With 11 keycap color combinations to choose from, a velvety touch and an old-school typewriter click, this Bluetooth keyboard elevates any typist’s space and keeps the words flowing outside the office — pair via Bluetooth with any tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Massaging Eye Mask

Elevate your self-care routine with this incredible massaging facial mask, a perfect addition to your beauty arsenal or a thoughtful gift for someone special. This mask combines skincare technology and heat with soothing massage features to give your eyes a rest after a day of staring at screens.

The mask is wireless so you won’t get tangled in cords, and built-in Bluetooth headphones allow you to listen to music while you enjoy your massage. Treat yourself or your loved ones to the ultimate version of “me time.”

Portable Tablet Stand

2024 is the year that we fight back against bad posture and the battle starts here. Snag this adjustable tablet stand to take your work from the couch to the table to bed without your achy neck and stress headache tagging along.

The stand has flexible legs and universal compatibility so you can bring any tablet to any place in your home, or out and about.

Worky Portable Workstation

Take your desk with you anywhere with this portable workstation. It includes:

  • Backlight and whiteboard
  • Compartment for notebooks and stationary,
  • USB outlets and electrical plugs
  • Compartment for a laptop with a safety strap for transportation

With this portable workstation, anyone can go from a coffee shop to a hotel to the airport without having to unpack and repack their work materials.

Cleaner for Tablets and Phones

This refillable screen cleaner is an all-in-one cleaner fluid and squeegee for keeping any device screen clean. It’s small enough to toss in a pocket, backpack, bag, or in all your Christmas stockings this year! 

Say goodbye to grimy screens covered in fingerprints!

Bliss Daily Planner

Keep track of all your important daily tasks with this cute, inspirational, daily planner. The fill-in-the-blank style allows you to keep track of every day and customize the planner to fit your needs. 

With plenty of room for notes and helpful reminders, you’ll have everything you need to understand your schedule at a glance! Grab one for yourself or snag one for a friend to gently remind your loved ones to get it together.

Exercise Bike Desk

This bike desk went viral on TikTok for a reason. As remote workers can struggle with inactivity and spinal pain, it can be difficult to find movement without ruining your workflow and concentration. 

This exercise bike was designed for functionality. With the included “whisper mode” and a solid base, you won’t need to worry about your work materials swaying as you move and you won’t have loud whooshing sounds distracting you from your projects. For the committed movers and writers, this bike desk is worth the investment.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Protect yourself and your family from blue light headaches with these stylish blue-light-blocking glasses! Look extra clever in your Zoom meetings and protect yourself from eye strain with 15 different styles and colors for all genders and color preferences. 

You don’t even need a prescription!

Little Word Nerd Gifts

We all have a tiny grammar geek in our lives and what better way to encourage a lifetime of learning than with an educational Christmas gift? Here’s a range of nerdy gifts for various age ranges.

Erasable Doodle Board

This gift is great for encouraging young kiddos to practice their hand-eye coordination or for older kids to write out their ideas. The slim design and pen string make this board perfect for road trips, flights, and waiting around at restaurants.

No more carrying around extra paper and crayons for your little artist. Just grab the doodle board and go!

First 100 Words Interactive Book

Encourage your favorite tiny tots to learn new vocabulary with this interactive word book. With a range of pictures and sounds, this book will help your little one jump-start their reading and their love of books.

Lil Nessie Bookmark

Yes, you can get this adorable baby Lil Nessie bookmark for your small loved ones, or you can buy it for yourself and no one will know. If you’re looking for the cutest way to encourage your little learners to read, here is your solution.

You can choose between green, blue, and pink, or you can snag the bookmark in a spaghetti monster or astronaut shape!

Hands-Free Reading Light

Illuminate your child’s reading adventures with a hands-free reading light, designed specifically for young bookworms. With a durable, kid-friendly design, the light rests gently around the neck, and long-lasting, soft light shines directly onto the pages.

This light is great for bedtime stories, camping trips, or cozy reading nooks. The lightweight light ensures a comfortable reading experience without straining little ones’ eyes, making it ideal for young readers.

Scratch-n-Sniff Bookmarks

Another great buy for readers with childlike hearts is this pack of scratch-n-sniff bookmarks. Give them as a gift or leave these scratch-n-sniff bookmarks around your own home to encourage reading and entice your sense of wonder. Every pack of bookmarks comes with 35 bookmarks, different scents, and endless joy.

Cute Bookish Socks

These HappyPop socks are the perfect fit for small readers who want everyone to know their priorities. You’ll get an adorable gift box with a pack of two, fitting sizes 6-13 so your little bookworms can display their love of books with a little sass.

Funny Comic Book Shirt

If you know a graphic novel fan, this shirt is the perfect gift to express their love and nerdery. With 10 color choices and sizes for youth, women, and men, this is a shirt that could truly fit anyone on your list. Pair this with a stack of new comic books and you may just win “gifter of the year.”

For the Whole Family

Sometimes geekiness runs in the family and those people are our kind of people! Families that read together stay together, so support these lovely nerds with this list of gifts.

A Hilarious Word Game for Everyone

If you’re looking for a game that will have everyone rolling on the ground laughing, Poetry for Neanderthals is the game for you. The game is similar to Taboo, but you can give your team hints using one-syllable words. Watch your friends and family struggle to express themselves in grunts while you giggle.

Ransom Notes Word Game

This game can work for younger or older ages. The game is similar to Cards Against Humanity, but you must use only the words that you receive in your “ransom note” to answer the question. Challenge your vocabulary skills and your word-play abilities with this hilarious game!

Customized Holiday Book

Families with younger kids will love this bespoke holiday book that brings the Christmas magic to life. Customize The Night Before Christmas to include the names of your loved ones and watch them light up as they read about their busy Christmas Eve night.

Matching Family Definition Shirts

If your family needs the perfect shirts for Christmas cards, these dictionary-definition family shirts will create the perfect nerdy look. With sizes ranging from newborn to mom and dad, you can get a custom shirt for everyone in the family. Don’t forget to pair these shirts with each family member’s favorite book.

From the entire proofreading posse here at Proofread Anywhere, we wish you the happiest of holidays and we hope that your gifting journey is as enjoyable as the gifts are themselves.

Comment below and let us know your favorite geeky gifts that you have received!

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  1. http://www.litographs.com is a great place for bibliophiles. It has 200+ books printed on t-shirts, book bags, and scarves. (The WHOLE book- no Harry Potter yet, but they’re working on it!) They also have temporary tattoos and posters.

  2. I am seriously intrigued by the game, “Wise and Otherwise.” I had never heard of it, but will definitely look into checking it out. Thanks, Caitlin.


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