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How to Start a Bookkeeping Business from Home (…If You Can Proofread Numbers!)

Updated: August 18, 2015

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  1. I love, love, love this. I am a graduate of the Proofread Anywhere course but my background is in tax / accounting / bookkeeping. I have been doing it for over 20 years and despite having a masters degree have considered going back to school to take the few accounting credits I am lacking to take the CPA exam. I have wanted to be a CPA since I was about 16 or so. I have a lot of accountants in my family.

    I took the PA course because I wanted to work from home and accounting is hard to do from home when a lot of your clients require an office in which to visit you. That wasn’t really the style of business I was looking for. I had already done that style years ago and I ended up traveling to a lot of clients. It just wasn’t cost productive. I started writing about taxes and accounting because at least that gave me a little bit of freedom and no commute.

    I know Ben says he rather have someone take the course without a bookkeeping background, but I am still interested in learning how I can go 100% virtual and still make decent money. As it is now, the only way I know is to visit all those freelance job boards like UpWork and bid on jobs. The competition there is overloaded. And, I just can’t compete with overseas workers who work for $2/hr.

    I am good at proofreading, but I am better at “proofreading numbers.”

    I am signed up for the 3-day freebie, so we’ll see how it goes.

    1. Sweet! Keep me updated on how you like the freebie and if you decide to do the full course, how that goes!! Would love to have firsthand Eagle Eye feedback 🙂

    2. Chrystal, how do you like proofreading so far? I come from an accounting background (that’s actually what I’m doing now). I have been thinking about the Proofreading course. Were you already good at English?

  2. My boyfriend just finished his Masters in Accounting, and is having trouble finding work. I recently started TPT&P, maybe we could both be “eagle eyes” from home! Thanks for introducing us to your friend, Caitlin!

  3. Thanks, Caitlin, for this opportunity! My number skills are what I am using now in a trial, part time, at home job in scheduling and bookkeeping.

    Ben, would you email more information to me on the training costs and length of your course? Thank you!

  4. Numbers are my first love, but I have been loving proofreading also. I love the idea of numerous streams of income working from home. I am signing up for the free course for sure and will keep you posted on the “paid” version. Thanks for being the introduction to Ben, Caitlin!

      1. Is there any up to date info on this program? Really need to know how successful it is?

  5. Is there a specific program we need to purchase to do this job? I have a computer and Microsoft Offfice Porfessional. I’m just wondering if there is something special that costs a lot to do this job. Also, how expensive is the paid version of the class? I’m already proofreading, but I do love numbers.

    1. Sorry for the typos. Apparently there’s no spell check on these things, and I fat-figured some things on my iPad.

    2. The 10 week full course costs between $997-1100 depending on whether you pay in installments or all at once. In addition to this you will need to invest about $1200 in start up costs to get going from what the 3 part free course says. I am still trying to figure out if the certification for the top 2 software companies (Xero and Quickbooks) are included in the course cost or will be an additional expense. As far as new business start up costs go this is very affordable but I can understand that it may still be out of reach for some. Keep in mind all of these costs are business expenses that will reduce your taxable income.

      1. Hi, Tiffany! About the certifications you’re wondering about, that’s a great question to pose to Ben Robinson, the man behind this terrific bookkeeping course. 🙂 He’s really great and responsive! Once you sign up on his site (if you haven’t already), you’ll get access to his site, his contact info will be available to you, and you’ll be able to query him. Please keep in mind also that the course fee cannot be deducted as a business expense. Read all about it here, to include the applicable excerpt from the IRS website.

  6. I have been a truck driver for 24 years although somewhere in the middle I worked at a county hospital first in accounts payable and then 5 year as a medical billing specialist (loved this work) my forte being Medicare. I took bookkeeping in high school (many moons ago) and I did my mother’s for her arts & crafts retail business. I have almost obtained my Associate’s in accounting (working on my last math class now) and I am going on to get my bachelor’s (have a few credits). I do not want to get my CPA because I talked to one and she said it took a lot of time (away from family) and money. I LOVE bookkeeping and I want to have my own business. I am moving to AZ to spend more time with family and I do want to work from home. I hope this will help me do that. I am very excited about changing my lifestyle and work. (I also love my photography, the only website I have!)

  7. I have bookkeeping experience in my own small business as well a few others – with the exception of payroll processing. So Ive signed up for the 3 class training, but am wondering if QB training is included in this package?also, Ideally i’d like to complete the course and become a Certified Bookkeeper- is this worth it or no?

    1. Hi, Mia! I would recommend asking Ben Robinson your questions, since he is the bookkeeping expert! 🙂

      1. hi Kristina-
        At the top of this comment section under “Our Take” paragraph,, and above the social media buttons, it says “Do you have a question for Ben? Leave a comment below and he’ll respond”….is there another place I am supposed to be looking? Sorry, a little confused. Would like to fwd the former question in the right direction but that caption is misleading…Thanks for the response!

        1. Hi, Mia,

          I think the reason behind the confusion is that this post was from 2015, so I think the best way to get in touch with Ben would be through his website: https://learntobeabookkeeper.com/. Hope this helps! 🙂

          1. Got it! Thank you Nerissa – I emailed ; thanks for your quick response

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