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How I Proofread Transcripts “So Fast”

Updated: January 11, 2016

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  1. How much does the full course cost?

    I’m very very interested in taking it. I’m a spelling/grammar freak and have dreamed of a way to make a legit living using my superpower.

  2. Help!! I am a student, and I am currently working through the practice transcripts, and I really, really fear that I cannot read fast enough to ever make more than about $15 per hour as a proofreader, if even that! I certainly cannot fathom ever making anywhere close to the $43,000 per year doing part-time hours that Caitlin discusses in her blog, and I am so, so disappointed and worried. It regularly takes me over three hours to Proofread 100 pages of text. I use an IPad, I use Iannotate, so it is not the technology, it’s my reading/proofing/marking speed. I want to make this venture work, I really really do, but I may not want to continue on to the most expensive part of the course if it is unlikely that I will ever be able to VERY significantly increase my speed. Is this a common insurmountable problem that you come across with your students? I understand that practice will increase the speed with which students can find errors, but what about someone who is just bad at reading fast? Are we doomed? Most importantly, please tell me how you would recommend I go about determining whether or not I will ever become an efficient enough reader to make this venture work. Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi, Whitney! Just remember that you’re a beginner and learning to proofread transcripts is an art, so you need realistic expectations. You’re going to be slow at first, but you will get faster over time. 🙂

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