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21+ Gift Ideas for Book Lovers (that Aren’t Books!)

We all have a book lover in our lives. If you’re a regular reader of the Proofread Anywhere blog, you’re probably a book lover too.

But people who love to read can be hard to buy for…

It’s not always easy to know what books people will enjoy. And even if we’re certain they will enjoy a book, there’s a good chance they’ve already bought it for themselves.

So I wanted to put together a guide to gift ideas for book lovers that aren’t books. Think fun, silly, educational, and treasured items that every reader will enjoy.

So whether you’re shopping for a loved one or just looking for a few things to add to your own wish list, this holiday gift guide has you covered.

Take a peek at our list of 21+ gift ideas for book lovers.

Gifts for a Book Lover’s Home

Book nerds love to curl up at home with a good book. Why go out when you can stay at home and immerse yourself in a good story? Here are some gifts that will make them feel comfy and cozy while they read!

These heavy-duty metal bookends will look great on any shelf. 

If metal isn’t their style, check out these wooden bookends with hidden organizer drawers. Stylish and useful!

They can set the ambiance with this folding portable desk lamp.

Time to get comfy on the sofa with these pillows!

Just One More Chapter Pillow

I Have Too Many Books Pillow

Let’s get some girl power going with this Heroic Girls in Books poster! This is what every girl needs to let them know they can do whatever they set their minds to.

Reading Accessory Gifts

Is your favorite reader ready to move on to an e-reader or are they a die-hard paper book lover? The All-New Kindle is a great choice for people who like to read in bed long after their partner has gone to sleep. The light won’t disturb their partner, and it’s not a blue light so it won’t affect their own sleep either.

Having a case to protect their Kindle is essential. It’s the kind of thing that just gets shoved into their bag with lots of other stuff thrown in on top of it. Protect it with this Kindle case.

If they’re not ready to move away from paper books yet, then they’ll need a bookmark to help them keep their place. This wooden bookmark comes with a fun (and true!) saying on it.

I love reading for hours on end, but it can get uncomfortable. The Book Seat will ensure they can binge-read their book for as long as they want to.

Novelty Gifts for Book Lovers

Sometimes we don’t want to give people a super serious gift. Fun and creative gift ideas like the ones below are sure to put a smile on your bookworm’s face.

This tongue-in-cheek mug will make sure no one dares disturb them while reading.

Kindly Go Away I’m Reading Mug

Let them start their day with a literary quote with these novelty teabags.

Which camp are you in? The book or the movie? State your position with The Book Was Better Sticker.

Love storytelling and dogs? Why not mix the two!

My Dog Ate My Mad Libs

These elegant yet simple postcards are a lovely way to stay in touch with loved ones. Or they can be displayed in the home!

Bibliophilia: 100 Literary Postcards

Is your book nerd a bit touchy about lending books to other people? I don’t blame them! This cute Knock Knock Personal Library Kit will make lending books more fun and less worrisome.

Want to take it one step further? They can stamp their name in their favorite books. There will be no confusion about whose book it is then!

Nonbook Gift Ideas for Book Lovers to Wear

Are you proud of your love of reading? Why wouldn’t you be?! Reading is an awesome hobby — and you can even make money from it!

Check out these stylish book-themed clothing and accessory ideas.

You or your favorite reader can carry your shopping around in this cute tote bag from Kate Spade.

These T-shirts scream “I’m a word nerd and I’m proud!”

My Weekend Is All Booked

Velocireader T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a pair of patterned socks? Nothing like a sneaky homage to your favorite hobby!

Library Socks

Read More Books Socks

Still Want the Feel of a Book in Your Hand?

Bookworms don’t like to be without a book in their hands for very long. This coloring book or journal will help keep their idle hands busy.

Coloring Book for Book Lovers

The Book Lover’s Journal

Still looking for more gift ideas? Check out our ultimate gift guide for grammar geeks here!

Check out these 21+ nonbook gift ideas for book lovers

Our Take

I know these gift guides are usually supposed to help you get Christmas gift ideas for other people. But I think there’s no harm in casually leaving this tab open or sharing this blog post so your family and friends can get you some awesome gifts this holiday season (or any other time of year)!

Your Turn

And there you have it. More than 21+ gift ideas for someone who loves to read. I hope it saves you time and money and helps you pick out that perfect gift!

Do you LOVE any of the items on my list? Did I miss any of your favorites? Are you bringing something special home just for you after seeing it here? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love outofprint.com
    Great t-shirts and other bookish type accessories!

    1. Thanks for the tip, Sarah! Sounds like a great site to check out!

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