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Does the course help me find proofreading work?

Does the course help me find proofreading work


But we don’t tell you how to find clients and proofreading work until you’ve mastered the actual skill first.

Many people are afraid of not being able to find clients. But it’s like being worried about how to sell pool service without actually knowing how to service pools.

This is the same thing 🙂

At PA, we believe mastering the skill should always come first. The reasoning for this is simple: if you do not know what you’re doing before going off to find proofreading work, you will only be setting yourself up for failure. Clients can smell lack of mastery from a mile away; it’s for your own benefit that you spend plenty of time honing your skill before going off to sell it.

Our courses include practice transcripts and essays to test your knowledge on what we’ve taught you. And because transcript proofreading is so specialized, we require students to complete all of the practice transcripts plus a checkpoint quiz before even being able to access the finding clients module in the course.

Both the Transcript Proofreading course and the General Proofreading course include an in-depth module on how to set up your own proofreading business, how to market your business, and even how to communicate effectively with clients.

I assure you our courses provide everything you need to both do the proofreading work AND get the proofreading work. I give you ALL the tools you need to be successful. BUT you need to implement these tools and be creative to get (and keep!) your clients.

If you work, it works.

But I’m not going to spend a lot of time trying to convince you the course works. Fortunately, I have plenty of amazing students who can do that for me. My students come from a wide range of different backgrounds: people with kids, people without kids, people in their 60s, people in college… even people living in faraway places like Kenya and the Philippines! They’ve all successfully found clients after completing our courses.

Check out these screenshots from students in our Facebook group:

Billy posted this:

billy testimonial proofreading work

Meghan found her first client within a week of finishing the course!

Meghan testimonial proofreading work

Kristen, who LIVES IN KENYA (so what’s your excuse, right?!) posted this:

Kristen testimonial proofreading work

Beth is following her dreams and quitting her 9-5!

General Proofreading Graduate 1

 And MORE confirmation from our amazing students:

General Proofreading Graduate 5
Rebecca testimonial proofreading work
General Proofreading Graduate 2
General Proofreading Graduate 4
social proof2 proofreading work
General Proofreading Graduate 3
social proof proofreading work

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  1. Hi, I have wanted to take your courses for awhile but couldn’t find the time for personal reasons. Need to make me a priority and I want to start this journey. Do I need to take General Proofreading first? Or can I start with Transcript Proofreading? I have a background in communications, but its been awhile and I am trying to upgrade my skills. Thank you very much!
    Carolyn Reagon

    1. Hi, Carolyn! You can start with Transcript Proofreading if court reporting proofreading is the niche you want to stick with. General Proofreading is better suited for you if you want to proofread books, blogs, etc. 🙂

  2. So happy to read all these success stories. You are all amazing people. Congratulations to you. Now you can ride that sweet confidence wave.
    No doubt one needs to put in the work just as for any other career. But that is the journey.

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