Proofread Anywhere Review by Georgina Xavier

Proofread Anywhere Review by Georgina Xavier

Name: Georgina Xavier Xavier Location: USA, North America
Rating: Course: General Proofreading

When Georgina Xavier came across Caitlin Pyle's proofreading course, she was still working a typical 9-to-5 job -- and making less than she wanted to. Learn how Georgina was able to implement what she learned in the course to grow her proofreading business from scratch!

Hi, my name is Georgina. I live in New Hampshire. I did my proofreading course from Caitlin's Proofread Anywhere. I came across this course a year back, and I did this from November then I took some time and I was able to complete only in July.

Really, it had turned my life over. It brought about a limelight of many words that I hadn't discovered before and I was able to venture into the world of marketing and how that we can really put up effort and to know about how that we can meet clients and help them to proofread with regard to all sorts of text that they bring up to us.

It was really inspiring from Caitlin to know her story about how that she'd lost her job before and how she was able to discover herself and she was able to overcome all the lies that she has been told her in telling about her in her life.

I learned a lot of lessons from that and it was a real blessing in my life and thank you, Caitlin, for bringing me so much encouragement, inspiration from your works, from your stories and also, the journey that you had been taking from the time you had been doing your proofreading till now. You have seen lots of ups and downs in life, but still you are with the help of God, you have been able to tread over everything, all the obstacles and bring about a change in millions of lives. I am being one among them.

I can say, this Proofread Anywhere is just not a course. It really would help you to see what is really in you and how that really you can be brought out. And we'll discover a lot more than this.

I wish Caitlin all the best for all her future endeavors and her career. And I pray really that God will bless her to be a source of blessing to millions. Bye.

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