Proofread Anywhere Review by Bethany Garcia

Proofread Anywhere Review by Bethany Garcia

Name: Bethany Garcia Location: USA, North America
Rating: Course: General Proofreading

Stuck in a rut? Check out Proofread Anywhere! Bethany tells us how the general proofreading course helped her gain confidence and change her frame of mind to succeed!

Hi. My name is Bethany, and I live in Indiana. I am a mom of two young boys. Since becoming a mom, I found staying at home with my children to be a challenge. I wanted something I could do for my personal development and enjoyment, as well as bring in extra income.

When I first learned about Proofread Anywhere, I was searching the internet for jobs that could be done from home. When I found the course, I thought to myself, "This is actually something that I could do." I've always been a bit of a word nerd, I love to read, I love to write, those kinds of things. So, I felt like this would be a good fit.

Before enrolling in the course, I was concerned about failing. What if it wasn't the right fit for me? Or what if I don't finish? What if I don't pass the course? But I realized that it was worth a shot to try, especially for the price of the course itself.

My favorite part of the course has to be the beginning, modules one or two, where it talks about mindset. I loved learning about how mindset, awareness, and attitude all play a part in my success. I also loved the money mindset section. I even had my husband listen to it with me.

Taking this course has been really helpful because it's given me a starting point. I can get caught in analysis paralysis sometimes, and so I really appreciated the step by step guide in refining skills, building a website, looking for clients, things like that.

My life has actually taken an interesting turn since completing the Proofread Anywhere course. While I still practice proofreading and do a small job from time to time, I started working part-time outside my home, though that was not my original plan. I do believe that Proofread Anywhere has helped me gain confidence in my ability to hold a job while raising a family. Again, I think that it comes back to that mindset thing, as well as just practicing taking action, which is something that I have really been working on in my life.

I think my biggest win of all, like I alluded to before, is it has to do more with my mentality than anything else. This course has helped me validate my strengths. I thought my attention to details and being nitpicky about typos and grammatical errors was a weakness. Now I'm learning to accept this part of me as a strength. Who knew could actually make money doing something like this?

Yes, I would recommend Proofread Anywhere to others who wish to work from home. It is a fun, straightforward course, and a good starting place for anyone who wants to hone in on their skills.

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