Proofread Anywhere Review by Cheryl Gatlin

Proofread Anywhere Review by Cheryl Gatlin

Name: Cheryl Gatlin Location: USA, North America
Rating: Course: General Proofreading

Cheryl tells us how Caitlin Pyle's General Proofreading course helped her change her mind set to accomplish the things she wants to in life.

Cheryl Gatlin. And I'm currently living in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I have worked for people all of my life and some of those jobs I really, really hated. I just got laid off in July and I'm glad that I did because this is what gave me the opportunity to start working remote from home. I wanted to develop some different income streams for myself and create a financially stable life for myself. My boys were home from school and I figured why not be home with them? They're doing everything remote for COVID. So I started looking for bookkeeping jobs.

This is what I know. This is what I've been doing most of my life. I really wanted to branch out into more artistic things. I love reading. I love writing. I love painting. I've always been tossing proofreading around for a long time thinking, "I think that would be a fun job." So I saw Caitlyn's video and I watched her and what really resonated with me with Caitlyn was the way that she addresses what's stopping us from realizing our dreams. What's stopping us from making ourselves successful? What are those blocks? She's right. I was really wanting to take the class. I Googled her, made sure she was the real deal. I invested in her class.

Since I've been taking her class, I find myself journaling and looking for those blocks in myself and working on reframing them into more positive words to myself. I was walking my dog the other day and I'm telling myself, I am a knowledgeable and financially successful proofreader whose clients love her. I also started telling myself that I love taking care of my home so that I can enjoy a clean and cozy atmosphere. I hate cleaning. I just hate cleaning, but I am sitting in a clean house right now and enjoying my cozy atmosphere, which is a big improvement.

Would I recommend Caitlyn to you? Yes. I would recommend Caitlyn to you. She has made a huge difference in my life already in just the short amount of time. I am confident that I can learn the techniques that she teaches me. I know that it's up to me to work on my blocks and to reframe those and create a successful life for myself. Thank you, Caitlyn, for everything that you do, all the hard work you put into these videos. I really appreciate it. Bye.

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