Proofread Anywhere Review by Lisa du Toit

Proofread Anywhere Review by Lisa du Toit

Name: Lisa du Toit Location: Australia, Oceania
Rating: Course: General Proofreading

Lisa decided she had too much time on her hands and wanted to make some extra income while filling that time. Lisa found Caitlin Pyle's Proofread Anywhere and is so happy she did!

Hi. My name is Lisa, and I'm from Melbourne, Australia. Before finding the Proofread Anywhere course, I had heaps of time on my hands. My children are independent, and my husband travels quite a lot for work. So I had lots of free time and didn't really have much to look forward to, to fill those hours. So I was looking for something that I could enjoy for a passion and perhaps make a bit of money from, so that's when I discovered Proofread Anywhere. I have a passion for reading and for writing. I really enjoy proofreading my husband and step-dad's books that they write. And so I thought, "Hmm, maybe I can try and make a bit of money out of this." Then, I found Caitlin's course. And immediately, when I saw the course, I thought, "This is something I can do. I can learn. I can learn how to do it properly and efficiently and again, maybe even try and make some money out of it and develop a small business."

The course is really easy set out. It's a step-by-step guide. I can even pull the website, start my small little business, and what's super about it is that it can be portable. I don't need to have a lot amount of hardware or software. Basically, I got all I need already, and I can get going straight away. There were a couple of data, I was a bit unsure that I'd be able to learn everything. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to remember everything I learned at school about English and punctuation, so that was a scary part. But as I discovered, everything was there: all the information, all the instructions, and you were taught where to look for things, what was the correct way and which order to do them. So that was really an eye-opener to me.

And at the moment, I'm doing the course. I really am enjoying doing proofreading. I am enjoying filling my hours, reading and proofreading, getting things right, having lots of confidence. And Caitlin really made me feel that I don't need to get motivated because that's often a problem, but I just need to make a decision, get going. And as I did, I was starting to enjoy it. And it was really, really exciting.

So now, I believe I can do this. And one day, I can make money from it. I would definitely recommend Caitlin to somebody that wants to learn to work from home. It's an ideal way to fill your hours. You can make some money, and researching, reading, writing, and correcting people's works is very satisfying. So thank you, Caitlin.

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