Proofread Anywhere Review by Lynn Brooks

Proofread Anywhere Review by Lynn Brooks

Name: Lynn Brooks Location: USA, North America
Rating: Course: General Proofreading

Lynn tells us how she has always been a silent proofreader and how exciting it was for her to find Caitlin Pyle's Proofread Anywhere! Lynn started with the General Proofreading course and later took on the Transcript Proofreading course to expand her opportunities. Lynn is excited to invest in her future and to spend time with her grandchildren!

Hi, my name is Lynn and I live in the outer banks of North Carolina. I'm a professional voiceover artist primarily, but that's kind of a feast or famine thing. And so, one time during a famine, I was Googling side hustles and I came across Caitlyn and Proofread Anywhere. I was so excited because I've kind of been a silent proofreader my whole life, which I have found since joining the group that a lot of us feel that way. Don't we? I was so excited to find a group of like-minded people when I discovered Caitlyn and Proofread Anywhere. I loved the way that Caitlyn allowed us to pay to play. I could pay for the next area after I felt comfortable with the first one, and that allowed me to invest in myself rather than just spend money.

The course resonated with me immediately because I found a place where correcting mistakes was welcomed and even appreciated. Not everyone feels that way. I started the general proofreading course, passed that class and started my Facebook business page. And I have had no business yet, had quite a few likes, but that got me to thinking after a while that maybe I should check out the transcript proofreading course. Besides getting to correct issues with spelling and punctuation, I learned so much through the transcripts about life outside of my realm of experience. And living in a small community, courts are jammed everywhere right now. I figure I might have the better potential of getting a job by becoming a little bit more niche in my proofreading.

My favorite part so far about the TP course was the chance to pay ahead and finish at my own pace. This has been a challenging year for all of us, but on top of COVID, my mom passed away. We have to move to a new place unexpectedly. We're facing some financial issues. So being able to invest in my future without a timeline was a huge blessing and I'm so grateful. Another huge advantage in all of this for me is I'm a grandma, and I can see me doing this work till I'm in my seventies, as long as my mind stays sharp, and this course helps to keep it sharp.

Caitlyn offered me an opportunity to excel in an area I already love. She's courageous and totally committed to what she loves to do. I'm so thankful for Proofread Anywhere. I firmly believe whatever Caitlyn does, she's going to succeed. She is a work-at-home warrior, and who knew how perfectly that kind of expertise would be needed for such a time as this, 2020? Well, we really do know who knew that. Don't we? I hope you all have great success in your ventures and in any jobs and in the courses that you take with Proofread Anywhere. It's worth it.

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