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Why Other People’s Success Doesn’t Determine YOUR Success

Updated: January 19, 2017

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  1. It is a difficult course. However a “pass one pass all” mentality will not benefit anyone in the long term. Quality is very important to maintain integrity.

  2. I was not aware of all these criticisms. It is such a shame because I’ve read articles of court reporters complaining about the shortage of good quality proofreaders they can trust.

    As far I can see, you saw a need and a gap in the market and developed a business to serve that need. Unfortunately, it’s now fashionable to criticize and denegrate anyone who has the ability and motivation to make a great success of their business.

    Only churches and charities need not concern themselves with profit. But nowadays it seems that business people are expected to have a great service or product and great customer service… but not make a lot of money for themselves. Mmm …

    I’m pleased to know that this is not a course where everyone passes once they pay the course fees. We all know there are many of those around. I can definitely vouch for the fact this is not the case. I haven’t taken the word skill midterm, but I’ve seen how hard many individuals have had to work to pass. I have also seen the amount of individuals that have failed.

    Thanks, Caitlin, for this course. I hope I will be successful.

    1. Thanks, Pauline!! You are spot on. I am glad to have you on board — it’s clear you have a very reasonable and hard-working mindset!

  3. I absolutely LOVE that the quiz has become a midterm! I want to be challenged. I need to be tested. I need to have my ego checked, for in the areas of grammar and language, I feel, perhaps, too confident. I have only just embarked upon the transcript course, but I am pleased to know that it will not be easy in any way. More than anything, I am daunted by finding clients. I appreciate your addressing this fear in your blog, as well as your assurance. I concur that my success cannot be gauged by others’ success. My mindset needs a jolt of growth hormone! I tend to be afraid to try new things and fail. Last night I read the entire Freelancers’ Tax Guide, and I was somewhat overwhelmed. However, I realize that I do not need to comprehend all of it now. I will refer back to it as needed. My success depends on me. I want to succeed. I will work hard.

  4. As a retired English teacher of thirty-three years, I am excited to delve into this course. How many times have I said in the classroom, "Quality over quantity!"? I understand where you are coming from, Caitlin. Keep your high standard, and you will always get quality!

  5. You know, I've recently started reading Ender's Game (who knew even major publications have typos…transposed words, "feet" spelled "fee," etc.). It's a book where children are constantly being pushed to their limits for the sake of improvement. And you know what? They improve (I haven't finished the book yet, so no spoilers). We adapt in the ways in which we are challenged. We either rise to meet the challenge–to meet the expectations set before us–or we don't. I find that to be true in life. Though it still freaks me out that I'm not getting perfect scores on my practice runs after considerable studying. Makes me think that clients will not want me! *SMH*

  6. This post is confirmation that I have enrolled in a top-notch course! A student’s success cannot be measured by anything other than hard work and dedication!

  7. I appreciate your standard of excellence and boldness is saying so, Caitlin. I very much want to succeed and will work hard for it! Thank you!
    I just retired last December, and this career opportunity is exactly what I'm looking for to deliver myself from a substandard level of income and do something I (eye) always find myself doing anyway (finding grammatical, spelling errors, etc.)! Double thanks!

  8. I took the first quiz on the first section the day I enrolled. After trying over — and over — to pass, I had to stop and think about what I was doing and what I read in the modules.
    I finally passed the quiz. That's when I realized there wasn't too much room for error; either you knew what you were doing or you didn't.

  9. I am so happy that you make this difficult because making it easy wound not challenge anyone and would under mind the whole proofreading and such industry. I am up for the challenge which will bring the confidence, optimism, and persistence that fosters excellence in this course and in my life. Thanks.

  10. I come from a strong customer relations background. These days, it's all about the percentages, so I can see why some would automatically ask about your success rate. However, I fully agree with you that it's not the right question for a potential student to ask. When it comes to education, the success rate of the educator really doesn't matter; the success rate of the student does.

    I thank you for your attention to the quality of your courses. I am happy to be one of your students.


  11. I want my skills to be excellent. I thank you for striving to turn out qualified professionals.

  12. Awesome! I am so glad that you made the course harder because it is giving me more confidence that I am actually being trained to do a skill that I can use to provide for my family. Thank you for quality!

  13. I enrolled in this course several days ago, and have dealt with the same concerns as most everyone else. I have to say, having read this article, that I feel much more confident in the program now. I like the idea that the course has been made more difficult! The more difficult it is, the better prepared one should be for the real world of proofreading.

    While I do have trepidation about finding clients, I have had much more trepidation about being a quality proofreader FOR my eventual clients. Now, I'm no longer worried about the quality part of the equation. I would even say that my money is well spent regardless of whether or not I pass the course. When I pass, I'll know that I'm ready for the industry. But if I didn't, I would know with certainty that it was not the career path for me.

    So thank-you, Caitlin, for making a course worthy of the industry!

  14. I love your attitude and really hope I can pass and become a great proofreader. That will be up to me. I’d rather be one of a small group of qualified people than part of a large group just floating around. Thank you, Caitlin

  15. I commend you for expressing my thoughts so well! LOL
    A teacher shoulder always strive to teach far more than what is tested, and they should also strive to make their students the best in the business. Anything dealing with the English language is guaranteed to confuse some as well.

    It's not rocket science. Anything worth having is worth working towards. I'm very excited about being turned on to this course!

  16. I enrolled in this course because it intrigued me and I wanted to see if it could turn into a future career for me. It is taking me a while to finish, but that is because I want to make sure I will be able to offer any future clients the best. I'm in it for the long run and I am not looking for any easy way. I love your bluntness and honesty, and truth be told, sometimes I need a good kick in the pants to keep me on track! Thanks for this course and all the blog posts that keep me going!

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