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Why Other People’s Success Doesn’t Determine YOUR Success

Updated: January 19, 2017

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  1. It is a difficult course. However a “pass one pass all” mentality will not benefit anyone in the long term. Quality is very important to maintain integrity.

  2. I was not aware of all these criticisms. It is such a shame because I’ve read articles of court reporters complaining about the shortage of good quality proofreaders they can trust.

    As far I can see, you saw a need and a gap in the market and developed a business to serve that need. Unfortunately, it’s now fashionable to criticize and denegrate anyone who has the ability and motivation to make a great success of their business.

    Only churches and charities need not concern themselves with profit. But nowadays it seems that business people are expected to have a great service or product and great customer service… but not make a lot of money for themselves. Mmm …

    I’m pleased to know that this is not a course where everyone passes once they pay the course fees. We all know there are many of those around. I can definitely vouch for the fact this is not the case. I haven’t taken the word skill midterm, but I’ve seen how hard many individuals have had to work to pass. I have also seen the amount of individuals that have failed.

    Thanks, Caitlin, for this course. I hope I will be successful.

  3. I absolutely LOVE that the quiz has become a midterm! I want to be challenged. I need to be tested. I need to have my ego checked, for in the areas of grammar and language, I feel, perhaps, too confident. I have only just embarked upon the transcript course, but I am pleased to know that it will not be easy in any way. More than anything, I am daunted by finding clients. I appreciate your addressing this fear in your blog, as well as your assurance. I concur that my success cannot be gauged by others’ success. My mindset needs a jolt of growth hormone! I tend to be afraid to try new things and fail. Last night I read the entire Freelancers’ Tax Guide, and I was somewhat overwhelmed. However, I realize that I do not need to comprehend all of it now. I will refer back to it as needed. My success depends on me. I want to succeed. I will work hard.

  4. As a retired English teacher of thirty-three years, I am excited to delve into this course. How many times have I said in the classroom, "Quality over quantity!"? I understand where you are coming from, Caitlin. Keep your high standard, and you will always get quality!

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