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What Makes a Great Proofreader? [My Clients Tell All!]

Updated: November 25, 2014

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  1. Good! I follow around 98% of what you’ve recommended. But it helped brush up my proofreading etiquette.

  2. “tell me up upfront”

    I caught one! Jeesh, I’ve been working on the course practice transcripts for a week, and every time I think I did a good job, Caitlin’s proofed copy proves that I’m still learning. But learning is exactly what I paid for the chance to do, so I’m putting my ego aside as best as I can. That said, finding that error made me happy.

  3. I found one as well.

    Reporters do not like having to follow up or with or “chase” proofreaders to find out whether…


    1. Great catch, Kari! Fixed! Eagle eyes in action…love it. 😀

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