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What If I Don’t Live in the United States?

Updated: March 28, 2015

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  1. Hi,

    Your course looks really interesting and helpful. I’m a Canadian living in France and I’m seriously looking in this course in order to earn some money working from home while caring for my kid.

    My question is, do I have to set up as a business in France to bill the court reporters or agencies? How is the transaction considered?

    thanks a lot for your help,

    1. That is a good question, but not one I have a concrete answer for, ’cause I’m neither Canadian nor familiar with how things are in France w/ working and stuff — you may want to contact someone familiar with the business system in France to be sure. Some reporters will want to give you a tax form, too, whereas others will just send PayPal.

  2. I’m definitely going to check out this Skrill thing, as i’m only familiar with PayPal. Since I’m looking into moving to Costa Rica, I did some research and PayPal will end up charging you 10% of your income monthly! That’s a charge of $200 if you made $2,000 for the month 🙁 Yikes. This is the fee for having clients from the U.S. pay you and then the currency conversion charge from dollars to the Costa Rican colone. If there’s any proofreaders reading this from Costa Rica, please tell me it’s not true!
    With Skrill, however, it worries me that clients won’t feel comfortable using it as it’s not as popular.

  3. I live in New Zealand and am contemplating doing your general proofreading course. Are there any reasons you can think of why your course would not be suitable for me, based on my location? TIA

    1. Hi, Paula. Students from all over the world have successfully taken the General Proofreading course. I can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t be suitable for you based on your location. 🙂

    2. Hi Paula
      I’m in NZ too and considering this course. Have you enrolled or completed it.

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