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FAQ – What if I Can’t Find Clients?

What happens if I pay and complete the course but am unable to obtain clients? What guarantees can you offer after payment and completion of your course that my ability to make money is ensured?

I cannot offer any guarantees you will get any clients simply by completing the course. Why? Because I can’t guarantee you will do the work it takes, and I can’t guarantee you have the aptitude or determination to make it happen.  Only you can guarantee you will find clients by the time and effort you put into learning, practicing, and following instructions. Me guaranteeing your ability to earn an income is like a college professor guaranteeing everyone they’ll be money-making public speakers or accountants if they pay for and complete the credit hours of the public speaking or accounting course.

Frankly, offering a guarantee you will make money would make me quite the sleazy marketer. Guaranteeing people will make money, or making it seem easy, those are the first two ingredients to many internet scams out there, and this program is not a scam. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything for you. This is a serious program and you have to do serious work to get results.

By enrolling in the course, you are investing in education, not paying to make money. I give you all the tools, practice, resources, and support you need, but I don’t do any of the work for you. If you do the work it takes to get good at it, first (this is way more important than anything else), then follow my instructions to get clients (no shortcuts) you will have no problems getting clients. The only ways you can fail are: 1) If you are not actually good at spotting errors 2) You do not follow the instructions to do things right/hurry through just ’cause you want to make money 3) You give up.

Check out the rest of the FAQs section on the website for answers to many, MANY more questions you may have. I try to cover it all.

Refund Policy

For all Proofread Anywhere products, your purchases will all be protected by our Worry-Free Guarantee. Give it a try and if you don’t feel it helps set you apart from other industry proofreaders, you can get your money back within 14 days.

Please note that our Worry-Free Guarantee applies only to our full course programs.

Simply email our team at [email protected].

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  1. Any other investments I will need to make besides your course, bluehost, wordpress to get started

    1. Hi Cindy! You can get started with the basics, but it’s up to each proofreader to decide what other costs they take on to grow their business. 🙂

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