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Earn More as a Virtual Assistant: Why I Paid This VA More than $20,000 in Less than 2 Months

Updated: March 20, 2017

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  1. Hi Julie~I do have a question! My story is similar to yours. I’m soon to be divorced (like within the next two weeks or so!), and I have four children that I will have primary custody over. I’d love to dive into the world of working at home and/or VA work, but I’m so behind in computer skills, technology, etc. I would love to see a list of skills that a VA should have before marketing themselves. Where would I start? What computer skills would I begin to learn? I saw your website and saw many offerings! Is there a “flow” that you would recommend, a sequence of courses? Thank you for any help! I have a degree in Psychology and a graduate certificate in Education, neither of which lend themselves to working at home. Literally starting from scratch! Excited but terrified…quite the blend!

  2. Hello, Julie!

    I am sure you will read this over and over but my story is similar to yours as well. I have half as many kids though and have been out of traditional work for half as much time (5 years). In that time there has been a struggling editing/VA consulting business I am holding on to because I have the same beliefs you did about this being my ticket to being an available mom and a successful entrepreneur. I suppose the difference for me has come in the mental struggle with depression and having twice dealt with trying to “leave the planet.” Still, I am here, and I am fighting for my life, that of my children, and my ability to sustain this business.

    In a short period, I have made insane strides to do things differently because I am expecting different results. This includes uprooting myself and my kids from LA, CA to Houston, TX and essentially starting over with, literally – nothing. I am sure you know how this is.
    Over the past year, I have been developing skills to diversify my service offering. I read this article nearly in tears because I was so inspired. I am coming out of these circumstances slowly but surely.

    Caitlin’s course was the open door for that and now this interview has lit a fire under me. Prayerfully, soon I will be able to afford one of your courses to further develop my skills and get to the place where I can sustain myself and my children. I thought about offering to barter my own services in exchange for the ability to take any one of your courses. Then I thought about that invoice and figured maybe that would not be wise. So, though it may take a while, I am going to find a way to take at least one of your courses.

    It has been a struggle, but without the struggle, I would not have made strides to create a new strategy and finally do what I am supposed to be doing, no matter how gradual the process. I hope one day soon I can send you a copy of my own personal $17,000 invoice for 2 month’s worth of work. I am saving yours and adding it to my vision board.

    I wish you nothing but growth and success. I will be looking for you to connect on other social media.

    And, thank you, Caitlin, for sharing Julie’s story, and all the work you do and your beliefs. I aspire to “rub elbows” with women like you both in the very near future.

    Be well.


    1. Be strong Montreece. I am in a similar situation to you. I am going to uproute my chikdren frim Mexico to Ireland in 2 months. I’m saving like crazy to do Caitlin’s course, and now I want to look into learning new skills from Julie too! 🙂
      We can do this!

      1. Your determined mindset and acquiring new skills will help you to do great things for your family!

  3. Ruthie, one of my first courses was Gina Horkey’s course and it was great for a first step into freelancing. Now I’m a member of Julie’s mentoring group and I am building my skills in exactly what she recommended. There’s nothing wrong with the Horkey Handbook course, but don’t be afraid to branch out after you are done.

  4. This was such an inspiring article – thank you for posting. I have been going back and forth as to whether or not I should try freelancing as a VA and it’s nice to know that there is more to it than just general admin work. I will definitely keep your courses in mind for when I am ready to grow my skill set even more!

  5. Interesting but not entirely accurate when it states that admin VA’s are capped at $25/hr. I am a successful long-term admin VA who earns $35/hr. Successful as in, have earned between 4-5k per month for the last two years, with multiple clients.

    One thing people in the industry seem to have blinders on is branding. It can have a major impact on how you are perceived by prospective clients. I do the exact same work as $20-$25/hr VA’s, but have 12 clients paying me $35/hr on monthly retainers, who have been with me for a long time. In fact, I just signed a $40/hr one. I brand myself as a high-end VA who provides exceptional results, I have fantastic testimonials – and the clients come. The people who are prioritizing the hourly rate are not my ideal clients – the ones who are looking for solid, experienced service and who have money, are. It seems there is some sort of guilt that VA’s have in charging “too much”. If you’re good at your job, charge whatever you want – you’re not tricking anyone into buying something they aren’t willing to buy. (The one caveat is, a VA needs to implement this price structure when they have enough clients to get by, and can wait for the big fish. You *do* lose clients using a high-end pricing strategy, but I am proof that there are definitely clients out there who can and do pay these rates.)

    1. This is my goal. I don’t want to settle for less than I am worth. I have a lot of experience and knowledge and I want clients who are willing to pay for that. I appreciate your post. I am working on my branding right now, I’ve seen how important that really is. We have to sell ourselves and our value.

  6. Hi,
    I’m a stay at home mom of two and a college student and just dove into freelancing a couple of weeks ago. I’m interested in starting my own blog and working towards creating a full time income from home. I loved this article and will be looking into taking more skills courses. Thank you so much for this inspiring article and once again showing that it is possible to do this. Do you have any advice on how to determine which VA positions are worth the time and which positions don’t have an opportunity for growth? Thank you for your time!

  7. Hello from Canada.
    I have been searching for an online, work-at-home career that gives me the flexibility to continue a driving service I have started up.
    Where do I begin? I did click on the above links to your website, registered myself, but there is no content showing up. Is it because I am in Canada that I don’t have access to your website?
    Shelley Drever

    1. Hi, Shelley! Thank you for reaching out. What did you try to register for? There shouldn’t be any issues specifically because you’re in Canada. We’ve had many successful graduates who live in Canada. 🙂

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