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What textbooks do you recommend for the Transcript Proofreading course, and when should I get them?

Updated: June 20, 2016

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  1. Hi Caitlin,

    Is there a significant difference in terms of content between the 10th and 11th editions of The Gregg Reference Manual that would warrant purchasing the 11th edition?


    1. Hi, Jessyka,

      There aren’t really any big changes between the two editions. Many of our students and graduates, myself included, own the 10th edition and like it!

  2. Hello, I am very close to signing up and just wanted to confirm that I should not buy the Marie Wakeman Wells books until I have completed the Jumpstart level and passed the test? What you have above is very clear, but I ask because on the course overview page one of the FAQs is if there is any supplemental text recommended for the Jumpstart section, and the answer is the Margie Wakeman Wells texts. I agree that it makes the most sense to wait until I have passed the test, but I just don’t want to get into that module and then find I don’t have what I need. Thanks very much! Bridget

    1. Hi, Bridget! It never hurts to have those resources ahead of time, but it’s completely up to you what you decide to do. 🙂

      1. Thanks for your quick response, Brooke. Part of my issue is money, so unless I definitely need it for that part of the course, I’d rather hold off. Is it a definite need at that point? Thanks!

        1. Hi, Bridget! We don’t recommend buying the textbooks until after you complete the 30-Day Jumpstart portion of the course. 🙂

  3. Hello Caitlin,
    I just ordered the spiral bound University of Phoenix Edition (10e) of The Gregg Reference Manual but now I am wondering if there are major differences with the regular edition and it is better to get that one instead.

    1. Nope! That one’s fine. Many of our students and graduates have that one and haven’t noticed many, if any, differences. 🙂

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