Proofread Anywhere Review by Heather Kraft

Proofread Anywhere Review by Heather Kraft

Name: Heather Kraft Location: USA, North America
Rating: Course: Transcript Proofreading

Even though she was skeptical, Heather dove right into the proofreading course -- it only took her one day to find work after graduating!

Hi, my name is Heather Kraft, and I took the Proofread Anywhere course way back in 2015 shortly after it came out. I had been looking for something real, something that was legit as a work-from-home job. Because there are so many scams out there, I was pretty skeptical. My husband was really skeptical.

So I actually remember reaching out to Caitlin by email, and I was surprised to actually hear back personally from her. Honestly, that was really all it took. I had -- just had a gut feeling that, you know, after communicating with her that, yes, this is the real deal. And I just always knew that proofreading was something I would be good at, too, like, I always had a good eye for spotting errors and things like that. So I convinced my husband, and then I just kind of dove into the course.

As soon as I completed the course, I think it was only one day later when I got my first job from a client. And it's been all -- all uphill from there. It's really opened a lot of doors. It's given me a lot of opportunities that I may not have had otherwise. It's allowed me to spend so much more time with my son. I'm very grateful to Caitlin for creating this course and just everywhere that it has brought me since then. I don't look back with any regrets whatsoever.

My best advice would honestly be to just dive in and go for it because you never know where it will lead. And I, myself, am very grateful that I did. So that's my story. Thank you for listening.

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