Proofread Anywhere Review by Lisa Michalek

Proofread Anywhere Review by Lisa Michalek

Name: Lisa Michalek Location: USA, North America
Rating: Course: General Proofreading

Lisa was hesitant to spend money on the Proofread Anywhere course but is very happy and excited she did!

All right. My name is Lisa Michalek and I started taking the Proofreading Anywhere course in late August of this year, of 2020. It has helped me so much already. I've cleared the first two modules. And basically, it has been helping me knowing that I can have a good, steady, good steady job, no matter what happens in the world at home. I'm not afraid of tech. I can do this. I can do many other things too, but it's helped me branch out and not be constrained to just one way of earning money. Plus I enjoy learning new things, and I love words in English and things like that. I'm glad I took the chance and invested myself, and I have been really enjoying it so far.

Right now, I'm starting module three with the essays, so practicing on those. It's well worth the investment. Money has been tight for me in general, through my life. So spending the amount of money on the course has been justified and has been well worth it. I just wanted to reassure people of that because it is well worth it, and the Facebook group is so awesome. It's a closed group, and everyone is so welcoming and accommodating. That's pretty much it. I just wanted to give this video testimonial and help people out and really encourage them to take this course. Thank you.

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