Proofread Anywhere Review by Linda Flindt

Proofread Anywhere Review by Linda Flindt

Name: Linda Flindt Location: USA, North America
Rating: Course: Transcript Proofreading

Linda is a retired teacher who took both online proofreading courses and chose to work as a proofreader for court reporters. She earns more than $1k per month working with reporters all over the United States. Using just an iPad, Linda can proofread anywhere and supplement her retirement income.

My name is Linda Flindt, and I'm a recent graduate of Caitlin Pyle's online course, Transcript Proofreading. In fact, I'm also a graduate of her General Proofreading course, but this past year during COVID, when I could no longer substitute at the high school because schools were closed, I decided to take her transcript proofreading course.

I love being able to do this, and I can't thank Caitlin enough for providing the opportunity to take this course. She calls her website Proofread Anywhere, and it truly is a portable job. In fact, what I'm going to show you is a little bit of my experience proofreading on the beach when we went on a family vacation to Hilton Head Island just last month.

I graduated April of this year, 2021. Currently, I am working with eight different court reporters all over the country. My home base is Virginia. I work with one reporter in Virginia, but I also work with reporters in Florida to Alaska, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, all over the place.

Reporters send me PDF files of the transcript of the court hearing or a deposition or a trial or whatever it is. And I go through it, and I work to make sure that what is being said makes sense and is understandable. I love doing this. It's interesting. It's fascinating. I'm learning new things. I am never bored doing it, and I'm making money. And you can too. As I said, I've only been doing this for about two months now.

And here I am working at the beach on about 380 pages of a hearing that needs to be completed in a few more days. I've been making over a thousand dollars for each of the months that I am working.

So I am just thrilled with this, and I can't thank Caitlin enough for creating this course, giving me the opportunity, allowing me to work from wherever, usually from home, but on my iPad, I can work on the beach while I'm with the family for a vacation. I can work in the car on the eight-hour drive to the beach.

I can work early in the morning when I get up and have coffee when it's quiet and the dog's still asleep, or I can take the dog for a walk, come home and sit back down to work. It is totally up to me the hours I want to put in. I can say "no" to a job; I can say "yes" to a job, but it's certainly something that will keep you busy, keep you occupied, keep your mind sharp, and at the same time, allow you freedom and flexibility to do whatever you want. I hope you enjoy the course as much as I did, and I wish you the best of luck. Take care.

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