Proofread Anywhere Review by Erica

Proofread Anywhere Review by Erica

Name: Erica Location: USA, North America
Rating: Course: General Proofreading

Erica tells us how Proofread Anywhere gave her the skills and means she needed to fulfill her goal of becoming a freelance proofreader. Erica was skeptical due to previous online courses that did not give her what she needed, but the resources and content included in Caitlin Pyle's course helped her achieve her dream!

Hi, my name is Erica Yackel, and I am from the state of New York. What my life looked like before Proofread Anywhere, I was just trying to find something that would help me get started on what I wanted to do, which was proofreading. And when I finally came across Proofread Anywhere, my first impression initially was I was skeptical because of everything else that I have tried in the past, that didn't work or didn't give me what I needed to succeed. And then afterwards, I thought it was pretty cool. And I enjoyed the workshop. And it was very in-depth and I appreciated that. And I thought it was a good start.

What resonated with me the most were definitely the videos in each course because I felt like there was somebody with me each and every time or every time I progressed. And I also enjoy the community as well. The actions that I did take, I made sure that I kept going and I didn't give up because I felt like this was an awesome opportunity. My life now, it has a definitely positive outlook because now I have the confidence and I have the means to, and I know what I'm doing. I started Fiverr, and I'm also starting on my website. So far, I've made $100 and I think that it's a start. It's pretty awesome. And I would definitely recommend Kaitlin because it's a life changing thing. It's not a get rich fast scheme, and it's not a lie that everybody else seems to be putting out there. It's definitely legitimate and they're always there. It's an awesome community. So yes, I recommend it.

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