Proofread Anywhere Review by Susan Michaud

Proofread Anywhere Review by Susan Michaud

Name: Susan Michaud Location: USA, North America
Rating: Course: General Proofreading

Susan is living her dream in the Rocky Mountains thanks to Proofread Anywhere!

Hi everybody. This is Susan Michaud, a graduate of Proofread Anywhere. This is my granddaughter Avalon. We are in the Colorado Rockies. The guys are cutting wood for us for the winter. So that's the chain saw you hear in the background. It's always been a dream of my husband and mine to live in the mountains and because of Proofread Anywhere, we can do that.

I have been proofreading for our little Gazette in town. I've done fiction and nonfiction, and I just finished a very excellent book. It's weekly letters to President Trump, and it was fascinating.

I'm just very glad I found Proofread Anywhere. I am indebted to the mastermind group. I paid the extra to get certified. I'm in the Self Publishing School rolodex. For just graduating end of February, I am very pleased and very happy to be there.

God bless all of you. I hope that you enjoy as much success as I have.

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