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Passed Over for Promotion? Start Your Own Business!

We’re no strangers to it. Many of us have worked in the corporate or retail worlds.

We’ve been in a position where other people are in charge of our success. They decide where and when we work. They decide how much they’re going to pay us. And they decide if we get a promotion or pay raise.

It’s scary leaving your success in other people’s hands. They might not have your best interests at heart. Maybe they get along just a little better with one of your colleagues or they want their sister’s daughter’s friend to get the job.

You just can’t rely on someone else for your success.

The only person who can guarantee your success is you. But it’s so much easier to do that when you’re the boss. Start your own business and you have control over your future.

Jamie was passed over for a promotion she knew she deserved. Instead of wallowing, she decided to look for ways to earn money remotely. Now she’s in charge!

Take it away, Jamie!

Q: Hello, Jamie! Tell us a little about your background. What did your life look like before you crossed paths with PA?

Start your own business and never rely on someone else for your success again

I majored in English and had a hard time trying to find a job that really aligned with my skills and abilities. After a few years of job hunting and some dead-end jobs, I finally secured a position as a contractor entering crash data from car accidents into a government database. After being passed over for a promotion I knew I deserved, as well as growing tired of the snowy winter commute, I decided to start looking for alternative options that might be interesting ways to earn money remotely. I stumbled on Proofread Anywhere through Pinterest, and I just knew after doing some research that this was the big thing I had been waiting for.

Q: Being passed over for promotion sucks! I’m glad you decided to take your future into your own hands. When did you start proofreading, and what made you decide to learn how to proofread?

I’ve been proofreading since my college days, and I even co-created a writing lab to help students at my college campus with editing and polishing their academic papers. I have always been fond of words and how they work together, and combining that with my love of reading made proofreading an obvious choice for a career path at this point in my life. I’m also pretty good at spotting errors, so that’s a huge plus in this field as well!

Q: Yup, the ability to spot errors is an essential trait that every proofreader needs! What was the most challenging part of starting your own business?

The most challenging part of starting was brushing off the cobwebs in my brain and getting back into the groove of reading for a higher purpose. Studying grammar and punctuation rules after being away for so long was tricky, but I’m glad I buckled in and did what I had to do to make my dream life a reality.

Q: Why did you choose to take the Transcript Proofreading course rather than the General Proofreading course?

Start your own business and never rely on someone else for your success again

I actually took both! The General Proofreading course was great for getting acquainted with grammar and punctuation again, but the Transcript Proofreading course gave me the tools I needed to generate a solid, regular income.

Q: What was the most valuable thing you learned during the course?

The most valuable thing I learned from the course was that I had confidence in my skills through a lot of practice and successfully making it through the intensive midterm exam.

Q: How long did it take you to find your first client? And how many clients do you have now?

After graduating at the end of December 2018, I got my first client in the second week of January 2019. I now have five regular clients and a very busy agency on my client roster.

Q: Well done! How long did it take you to recoup the cost of the course?

I made back the cost of the course and the materials by March of 2019. I wanted to start out slow and really make sure I had a good grasp of what I was doing and how to run a business before I scaled my business further.

Here’s what Jamie’s happy clients have to say!

Start your own business and never rely on someone else for your success again

Q: Understanding how to do the job properly is essential to retaining clients. I’m sure your regular clients appreciate that you didn’t rush into offering your services without first learning how to proofread transcripts properly. What advice would you give anyone thinking about enrolling in the course to learn how to proofread? Is it worth the money?

If you love words, can easily spot spelling and grammar errors and enjoy solving puzzles, proofreading might be a good fit for you. If you are willing to commit to learning the material and you are not too afraid to market yourself, the course is well worth the price of admission.

Q: What does your life look like now as a working freelance proofreader?

I have so much more freedom now to live the life I want. It’s a great feeling knowing that I’m in charge of every aspect of my professional life from here on out.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share with the PA community?

I am so grateful and I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity to explore working remotely and on my own terms.

Start your own business and never rely on someone else for your success again

Our Take

I’m so glad Jamie didn’t take being passed over for promotion lying down. She took her future into her own hands and now she’s in charge of her professional life. Kudos!

Your Turn

Want to start your own business and be the boss of your own life? Check out our FREE 7-day email course to see if proofreading can give you the freedom you desire!

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