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How Kim Earned $2,600 after Retraining as a Transcript Proofreader

Updated: September 5, 2018

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  1. Kim's story hit home although I'm a bit older. I started work in a bakery but then decided I wanted to go into nursing. I got a job as nursing assistant and was really enjoying working and taking courses to get into nursing then I had a bad motorbike accident and a recurring injury meant I had to change careers. I ended up back at the bakery but the very early starts and late finishes didn't agree with my health. So I got a job in a care home but bad luck followed me and I damaged my back so that was it. I'm now disabled and looking for a job I can do at home. But my finances are very poor I can't even replace my washing machine because I don't have money coming in so I can save. Initial cost is my biggest hurdle.

    1. Hi, Alison! I’m so sorry to hear about your work injuries and financial difficulties 🙁 Stay on our mailing list so you know when we offer discounts on enrollment, then hop in when you can! There’s no time limit to complete it, and we’re ready whenever you are. In the meantime, my friends Robbie and Melissa can teach you how to turn roadside finds into cash quickly! We’ve been friends since 2010 and their website is https://fleamarketflipper.com 🙂

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