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Why Proofreading is the Perfect Job for Introverts: Marie’s Story

Are you an introvert?

Does the idea of interacting with strangers all day fill you with anxiety?

Working in a job that involves dealing with people all day can be super draining for an introvert, whether it’s in an office or a fast-food joint.

Working from home could be the PERFECT solution! There are tons of online jobs out there that don’t involve meeting clients face-to-face, constantly pitching for sales, or being on the phone all day.

Think it’s too good to be true?

Marie ditched her fast-food job for proofreading from home. Now she can set her own schedule and choose who she works with.

Check out Marie’s story below.

Q: Welcome to the blog, Marie! Tell us a little about your background. What did your life look like before you crossed paths with PA?

Sick of the contact chatter in your workplace? Proofreading from home can be the perfect job for introverts!
Proofreading allows Marie to stay home with her beautiful children

Before PA, I had been in and out of college for about a decade. I had a hard time committing to one path. I didn’t have a lot of confidence, either, and I’d been working in fast food for nearly a decade. I’m also not much of a people person, and I had always been on the lookout for something that appealed to my introverted nature.

Q: Proofreading is the perfect job for introverts! When did you start proofreading, and what made you decide to learn how to proofread?

I started proofing in 2015. Once I was convinced PA wasn’t a scam, I knew it was what I’d been looking for. I’d planned to major in English or creative writing, and I’ve always been a reader. I’d also looked into court reporting school in the past. So I thought proofreading would be perfect.

Q: A love of reading is often a great sign that proofreading might be a good fit. What was the most challenging part of getting started?

Getting over my own fears and insecurities.

Q: I hear this so often! I’m glad you kicked fear to the curb and started your proofreading journey. What was the most valuable thing you learned during the course?

Sick of the constant chatter in your workplace? Proofreading from home can be the perfect job for introverts!

It was all valuable. I used every section of the course. The support after graduating has been AMAZING, too, I have to say.

Q: The graduate Facebook group is one of the best things about the course! How long did it take you to find your first client? And how many clients do you have now?

I found a few one-off jobs within a couple of weeks if I recall correctly. Within a couple of months, I found two of my favorite regulars. Now I have three regulars, one of whom has convinced me to start scoping for her because she has that much faith in my abilities! I also have a few clients that only send me work here and there.

Q: What a great confidence boost! And mo’ skills = mo’ money ? How long did it take to recoup your investment?

I think it took around three to four weeks to earn back what I spent on the course and an iPad.

Q: What advice would you give anyone thinking about enrolling in the course to learn how to proofread? Is it worth the money?

If it feels right for you, jump in headfirst. It’s absolutely worth the money.

Q: What does your life look like now as a working freelance proofreader? 

Biggest thing: I was able to stay home during my second pregnancy, and even bring work to the hospital. I’ve been able to stay home and bond with my son WHILE working. I love making my own schedule. Sometimes there’s more work than I think I can get done, but I manage. I work ONLY with people I like, which is great (especially after working in fast food). I’m finishing my bachelor’s degree, but I may not even end up using it because I’m content with proofreading (and hopefully scoping).

Our Take

I’m so happy Marie found a fulfilling job that suits her personality type. Working from home can be a saving grace for introverts. Not having to worry about small talk can give you the energy to let your real strengths to shine through. Marie impressed her client so much with her work that she wants to work with Marie in other ways. Way to go, Marie!

Your Turn

Does constant interaction with co-workers and customers exhaust you? Why not try something more suited to your personality and how you like to work like Marie did? Check out our free 7-day proofreading intro course to learn more!

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