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Your proofreading courses aren’t a good fit for me. What else do you recommend?

We know.

Proofreading transcripts for court reporters or even general proofreading isn’t for everyone.

Maybe you like the idea of having a home business, but spotting errors in text isn’t your strong suit. Perhaps you’re unable to invest in our proofreading courses right now. That’s cool! Wherever you find yourself, we aim to help as many people as possible find their fit in the work-anywhere world. Even if a proofreading job isn’t right for you, the following resources may be useful.

Here are some other options if our proofreading courses aren’t a good fit… or if you want to add similar skill sets to your work-at-home arsenal.

Proofreading transcripts for court reporters isn't for everyone. Here are some other options if our proofreading course isn’t a good fit… or if you want to add similar skill sets to your work-at-home arsenal.


General Transcription: Theory and Practice™ : an intensive general transcription course including 60 practice files with answer keys covering a wide variety of subjects including interviews, focus groups, videos and more. **Includes tutorial videos, cheatsheets, and loads of business and marketing how-to’s as well!

Legal Transcription: Theory and Practice™: an intensive multimedia course in legal transcription. Includes 25 practice files with answer keys, extensive training in legal terminology and case process, access to the exclusive student Facebook community, student resource library, and much more. The course also covers all the ins and outs to setting up and marketing your new legal transcription business!

Check out our expert interview with Janet from Zoom Transcription!

Medical Transcription with CareerStep: A great option for those who enjoy working in the medical field. CareerStep is a reputable education company with loads of positive testimonials offering a robust medical transcription and editing program. They work with hundreds of medical transcription employers that have more entry-level openings than qualified applicants. The course includes a free voucher for your certification exam. While more expensive than our proofreading courses, this may be the career change you’ve been looking for.


Bookkeeper Business Launch (free and paid courses): this is a great option for folks who are great with numbers! Ben Robinson is a fantastic, thorough instructor and he’s helped over 100 people start profitable at-home bookkeeping businesses. We interviewed him recently, too!  Just like the proofreading course options at Proofread Anywhere, they offer a free and paid course.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistant Course: A course designed to get you from zero to VA hero. It’s packed full of resources (including marketing help) to help you start a business as a virtual assistant. Some of our students have actually added proofreading work as a service to their VA businesses. Keep this in mind if you have completed one of our proofreading courses and are looking to find a proofreading job — the two fit well together..

Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing Success : A freelance writing success course is the most robust course we’ve found so far to help newbies start a freelance writing career. She built her own successful freelance business from scratch in less than six months, and she currently earns $4,000+ per month as a freelancer. 

Publish and Sell Your eBooks ($149): This course puts you inside the publishing industry, sharing the tricks of the trade used by traditional publishers to make sure their books are in the best position to be found by readers. You’ll learn how to target your reading audience, select bookstores, get your book distributed around the world, and even have your book added to your local library’s virtual shelves.

Travel Writing ($149): In this 6-week course, you’ll learn how to develop the skills of a travel writer. You’ll learn how to translate what is seen, heard, tasted, touched, smelled and felt (intuitively and physically) into publishable articles and books. You’ll understand the writing styles and methods needed to sell material in today’s competitive market.

Looking to learn something else?

We LOVE Udemy. In fact, our courses were almost built on Udemy’s platform! From freelance writing, blogging, to even creating your own freelance business or building an online course, Udemy offers thousands of options to help you learn to do just about anything you can imagine — and you can do it from anywhere!

Affiliate Disclosure: I receive a commission if you purchase something through one of the links above! Affiliate commission is one of the ways we keep the lights on here at PA — it also helps us provide tons of useful free content and 100% free proofreader referral services.

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for this! I must admit that I am all over the place with figuring out what to focus on. I absolutely 100% LOVE and am very great at proofreading! However, I have other interests as well that I would enjoy doing. Freelance writing is one of them! And so is grant writing! I am going to do a self discovery (pray and fast) to determine which direction to go. All I know is I am tired of working for someone else, and I hate what I do. I make great money. But I will leave it all behind to follow my dream!

    1. It’s so worth it!! I, too, have broadened my horizons 😀 Not just proofreading anymore — doin’ some blogging, the courses, etc. and let me tell you, it’s FUN to have your hands in a few different things.

    2. Candra, I’m at that crossroads you found yourself out. I hope you found the right path fo you. The company I worked for went out of business just before I had 10 years in. The position evolved to where I was the only one running the office. I was doing everything, and I do mean every and anything it takes to run a business, I was doing it. I took a position with a company I worked with a lot as a client for the company that closed and it was awful!!! When an opportunity presented itself to receive and give feedback, one person said I hadn’t drunk the Koolaid yet. Yikes!!! So, here I am doing general transcription because I started doing it on the side about 10 years ago and am trying to figure out what else I can do from home (I am not drinking any Koolaid 🙂 ). My first month didn’t go too badly. I had some downtime in there. My goal for monthly income at the time is roughly half of what I’ve been and could make, but that’s not important to me. I don’t need to make gads of money. Been there, done that. I’m going to plug along and wait for answers from above as to where my right path is. Hoping it includes the ability to be able to do your course Caitlin!

  2. Good morning Caitlin,

    I love these lists. I am very interested in taking the Zoom transcription course, although I need to convince my husband to come on board with this. I need to complete the proofreading course first and am very close to doing so. I also want to sign up before she increases the fee.

    I did transcription years ago, and was able to pay for my equipment in one weekend, with money left over!

    Thank you for helping all of us to broaden our horizons!

    1. I’m a list person, too! The Zoom courses are really good, and OMG I know, she is practically giving it away. I know she’ll be raising the fees soon — I would. For what it can teach you, it’s definitely worth more than what she’s asking.

  3. Great resources. I have looked for alternate ways to learn more about freelance writing, as this is one of my faves as well. Looking forward to completing the PA course soon and will later embark on this supplemental WAH opportunity for sure.

  4. Great list. I do have a question, though. What is the difference between the transcription classes? I am not sure which one to choose, they both sound great.

    1. Legal transcription is transcribing things for the court system, and general transcription is transcribing just about anything else (meetings, seminars … anything except medical).

  5. I took the Career Step medical transcription course graduating in 2009 and worked for three years at home as a MT. The course is awesome, very challenging, and complete, all encompassing, everything you need to start working as a medical transcriptionist. The cost has nearly doubled since I took the course but when I took it everything you needed except your computer was included (foot pedal, software
    , etc).

  6. Love the list, Caitlin! I saved it in my favorites and I’ll be referring people over here! I appreciate all that you do and all the work you have put into your course and the list, and everything else! Thanks!

  7. Wow, it is great that you provide these resources. I’m very excited about your proofreading course, but I have thought about transcription as well. Thank you for the information. You are going above and beyond!

  8. Three years ago I took both the A to Z Grant Writing and Grant Consulting courses. Excellent excellent excellent courses. I’ve been grant writing full time for a nonprofit and on a freelance part-time basis for numerous people and organizations since. You won’t regret those courses. They teach you everything and made me confident enough to do more and other writing-based work on my own, including signing up for Proofread Anywhere to further boost my credibility, skill set, and income potential!

    1. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Erica. I am thrilled to hear these are PA student-approved courses 😀

    2. Thanks for this input! I have managed to build a successful proofreading business thanks to Proofread Anywhere, but have been longing for something else to add. I have a degree in anthropology and sociology and my dream has always been to work for NGOs and nonprofits helping them out in some way, I just have never been sure what I could contribute. Grant writing sounds like it might be a perfect fit for me. If you have any advice for how you knew this was a perfect fit for you, or any advice about it in general, I’m all ears! 🙂

  9. That is a great idea to publish a list of career options for those who do not want to proofread for a living. You’re making it easy for people to search and learn more about the courses and careers instead of dealing with scams and dead-end jobs that they encounter through Google and some other sites.

  10. I am very interested in your course,unfortunately I don’t have the income to purchase it at the moment.I am figuring that if I invest in the Transcription Crash Course I will be able to start working towards investing in your course.

  11. Thank you so much for this list! I’m thinking about the freelance writing while I’m saving money for the PA course. I’m excited for both! Thanks again for this list. I love being a nurse but writing is my passion and being at home with my four young children is time that can’t be replaced!

  12. Hi Caitlin,

    I stumbled on your website accidentally while researching WAH options. I’m so glad I did! I’m a SAHM looking to earn some income without having to leave my 4 kids. Your website and the options above have been eye opening to me. A world of possibilities! I’m not sure which direction I’m headed yet but THANK YOU!!

  13. I’m so excited to get started this week. In the future plan to expand my knowledge and be able to take the full course.
    Thank you so much for this great learning opportunity.

  14. Hi, Caitlin:

    Yes, I agree 100%, as you’ve always stated, proofreading transcripts is certainly not for everyone—and that could possibly include me! LOL! You see, it’s one thing to be completely “bull-headed” in becoming a court transcript proofreader—no matter what—but intuition (“Reality,” “God”) could actually be telling me, “Thou hast not been cut out to be a proofreader in this life, my son! Thou hast thus been duly forewarned. If thou dost not heedeth my warning, thou shalt pay an awful price for such ignorance!”–or something like that!

    Your awesome, interesting, and very informative article (“blog”?) is the perfect “Plan B,” in the event I was not actually “destined” to be a proofreader in my lifetime. I love your list, as well as all comments and responses to this blog. Very educational and motivational. You did a very credible and awesome favor by creating this blog, which shows the depth and foresight of your thoughts and ideas regarding the possibilities that await us in the future and I thank you (as well as all those who responded to this blog) for thinking of us in writing this blog. Your genuine concern for our welfare is greatly appreciated.

    Now, I’m going back to my second “read-through” of this entire blog as I noticed many other Plan B areas of possibilities that sounds very interesting for me to investigate and check out.

    In the meantime I recently applied for the minimum of $1,400 just to cover the cost of the Full Proofreading course, plus the $400.00 mini Apple iPad update that I checked out previously at our Apple department store, locally (that I immediately fell in love with, being much easier to read and also comes with the anti-glare screen. She showed me the iAnnotate feature and I had the chance to “imagine the feeling of the dream fulfilled,” so to speak, imagining that this is exactly what I’d be doing after I’ve graduated from your training and became a professional court transcript proofreader. However, the loan person in the bank said the minimum loans they offer is for $2,500, but I’d have to repay about $58.00 monthly—which is a “no brainer” to me at all. She said that either before the end of this week or sometime early next week they’d call me. Well, the next day (of course, I my feelings immediately leaned more to not qualifying for the loan, because she called too soon! LOL!) she called me and informed me that my loan had been denied. I wasn’t too upset or angry at the news, because in back of my mind I said to myself “You can deny me all you want, but that does not stop me in the least in pursuing my dream.” Time for Plan B, although at that instant I had no Plan B or any other Plans for the rest of the alphabet! LOL! But, today Plan B showed up in today’s email from you! Thank you very much!

    I’ll get back to you soon, about how I’m doing in my desire to get your proofreading training, which is my “Plan A.”

  15. Caitlin:

    Thank you so much for this list. I’ve been doing the work-at-home thing on and off for some time, but finding lucrative efforts can be challenging. I love the idea of working for myself. Proofreading and writing are definitely things I’d love to delve into.

  16. Caitlin, this list is great! I am planning to start your course in the next couple of days, but knowing there are other courses out there for different fields is wonderful. Thank you so much for researching and sharing.

  17. Hi Caitlin,

    I like the list. Diversity is a good idea. Thank you for presenting other options. It speaks volumes about your character.

    God Bless,

  18. Caitlin:

    I reviewed your ProofreadingAnywhere and took the mini course, as I knew it was something I could do, but my heart would not be solely in it. Then with this e-mail today showing other avenues, I was ecstatic to see TranscriptionAnywhere with Janet. I totally enjoy typing and transcribing, the best jobs that I had in the past that I enjoyed, were with attorneys and wording with a large attorney firm and working for all the paralegal’s transcribing all their work.

    Today, I took Janet’s mini course and look forward to learning the new and exciting ways of transcribing today.

    This will be more than likely the way that I will pursue now, and as an alternative will also complete your course at a later time because one must proofread their work to be excellent in what they do.

    Thank you for all that you do and put out for the person that wishes to seek other avenues to work from home.

    1. I think you’d be making a WISE decision going with Janet and transcription!! Expect the same quality from her as from me 😀 Transcription is a skill that is just as in-demand as proofreading, too. Lots of work available. And she’s the best one to learn it from!

  19. I actually think that proofreading transcripts would be good for me. I do intend to take the course. I will need to do the 3 step payment program but that’s OK. I am about to move to a new town within about 3 to 6 weeks and then I’ll get started.

    I also think your list of other work-from-home alternatives is very good. I may look into something additional from that list once I get started.

    Everything I see about your course and your operation so far gives me confidence that you are professional and competent and legitimate. So I’m going to follow my instincts and move ahead as soon as I can. Thanks

  20. I must say reading all the comments on here has helped me to make my decision. I really think I would be good at proofreading, but like some of the people in these post,right now is not a good time, financially. I have not eliminated the possibility of taking the course, just having to postpone it for now. Thank you Caitlin for the list of courses you made available. I am going to prayerfully look it over.

  21. Thanks for all the info.
    Proofreading looks lucrative but, as writing is a big thing for me too, I’m considering developing a blog, as soon as I can decide on a decent topic of expertise with sufficient material. And create a website.

  22. Dear Caitlin

    I think your list of resources and courses are great!!!

    My work at home journey is busy expanding and I can hardly keep up to date. Thanks to your free course and the other information I get from following you on Pinterest and Twitter.

    I would like to know if there are second-hand manuals for the court reporting courses which could assist me as I am eternally a student and love reference material.

    Thanks so much for all your kind efforts put into making other people’s career prospects an easier choice.

  23. Thank you for this list and all your research and for sharing it with us, Caitlin. Great info!

  24. Caitlin, I read through the 7 courses that you have sent. It was a very interesting and good idea to try to get into the Proofreading service, but with as much as I would like to its not for me at this time .

  25. This is a good list, Caitlin.
    My focus is mainly on proofreading and bookkeeping. I prefer reading to writing and I have worked in accounting and bookkeeping for many years.
    My work-at-home journey is still in the research stage as my job allows me little time to focus on other things. However, I will forge ahead as my goal is to have something started before the year ends.
    Thanks so much for the wonderful articles and taking the time to recommend other work-at-home options.

  26. What a great list for those looking at alternate careers that can be started from home! Thanks for providing it.

  27. I reference your course to people all the time, and have also passed on the link to one of your other posts that only has links to…three of these, I think? This post has so many more! This is what I’ll be sharing from now on. I would love if you updated this list with some of the other course options out there that you’ve mentioned more recently(Self-Publishing School, the Copywriting course y’all just reviewed, etc.), so all the goodness is in one place!

    1. Thanks for your comment. We’ll make sure to get it updated ASAP. 🙂

  28. Love the list. I personally am leaning towards the virtual assistant area of things and am having a hard time decking between the 2 you have listed. Would you have any input on how to decide between the 2? Also, you might want to update the price for Horkey Handbook as she has changed things. Thanks again

  29. I’m glad to have these resources available through someone that I trust is being truthful and not just trying to con me out a money. My intent is to make transcript proofreading my primary focus (and probably general proofreading as well at some point). My grand plan is to have four or five different income streams, in the hope that when there is a dry spell in one area I’ll have the other areas to help keep my income up to where it needs to be. No doubt I will be referring back to this page in the not too distant future, once I am settled into transcript proofreading and making some money.

  30. Thanks for the very helpful website and recommendations here, Caitlin.
    I’m interested in proofreading transcripts that aren’t based on the legal system. I haven’t had any success finding such jobs online–I don’t even know quite how to search for them. The closest thing I could think of would be to be work my way up to QA for a transcription company. I do have a diploma in Book Editing, Proofreading and Publishing, but I want to get away from the editing side of it, and I’m not sure I want to actually do the transcribing myself. I’m not the fastest typist. Any thoughts on names of jobs that would be non-legal transcript proofreading, anyone?

  31. I still think this proofreading course is a great idea. My issue is finding the time to work on it. I realize I have been a little slow getting out of the starting gate, but I read the lessons and work in the workbook every chance I get. I'm doing great!
    My employer has requested overtime (crappy job) which has been my main obsticle in doing this course.
    I really need to do this because I want to, I need to, and because most of all I believe I can do this. I just need more time than your usual student.
    Please don't give up on me. I know I can do this. This to me, is like a dream that fell into my lap.
    The emails being sent to me are truly inspiring.

    Thank you!


  32. I'm currently working my way through the initial proofreading course. I purchased the transcript course as well! I'm looking forward to putting my business together and working for ME!

  33. Thank you for this amazing list of resources and encouraging commentary

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