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Do I Need a Proofreading Business Coach?

No, you don’t need a proofreading business coach to become a successful proofreader. Our community of proofreaders and transcript proofreading course provide everything you need to get started as a transcript proofreader and become successful! 

How to Start Transcript Proofreading

how to start transcript proofreading

Some online proofreading courses might suggest a proofreading business coach as a way to start your proofreading career, get clients, and advertise your proofreading services, but a coach is not necessary. With a transcript proofreading course, you get a certificate of completion that will prove to clients that you are a competent and certified freelance proofreader. 

In Proofread Anywhere’s, online proofreading courses we teach you how to correct errors, provide you with proofreading exercises, and explain the proofreading process. You’ll also learn the differences between proofreading and editing and how to sharpen your proofreading skills. After completing one of our courses, you’ll be fully ready to start a career in proofreading. 

Proofreading for Court Reporters as a Side Hustle

While general proofreading is great for most freelance proofreaders, transcript proofreading can offer a higher pay rate and more consistent clients. As most court reporters work regular full-time jobs and need regular proofreading, getting a court reporter as a client creates reliable part-time or full-time work.

You can choose to transcript proofreading as a work-from-home career, or just as a side hustle to make extra money. The choice is yours and the opportunities are endless! Want to learn more? Our blog has great resources on how to become a proofreader and how much proofreaders make.

If you want a deep dive into online proofreading courses, check out our courses page. For an introduction to proofreading, download our FREE ebook The Beginner’s Guide to Proofreading for Profit

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  1. I'm fascinated that I came to this exact same conclusions and do exact same things that you mentioned without reading them somewhere but just through experience and thinking how could I be more productive

  2. Thank you for explaining the process of starting transcript proofreading. I believe it will be beneficial to a lot of people.

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