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How Much Can Freelance Proofreaders Make?

Updated: April 8, 2021

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  1. "If you have a strong eye for detail and a good command of the English language, proofreading can be a viable job or career path."

    I am perplexed with this thought every time I consider the option of becoming a proofreader. I enjoy writing and have edited articles for friends and family. Yet, I desire to increase my skill of editing. However upon watching the free workshop, I am all the more intrigued, should I take this course as a precursor to improving my editing skills? Is it possible to develop a "stronger" eye for detail and to change a "weak" command of the English language into a good command of the English language, or even to build my confidence in editing/proofreading?

    1. Absolutely, Janice!! That’s exactly what happens as you move through the course. It’s designed to improve command and confidence through practice. If you already have experience writing and editing, then proofreading is likely in your wheelhouse too.

  2. I took a proofreading course several years ago, but have been working full time at the VA since then. I am now getting ready to retire Dec 2022 and would like to pick it back up again. Suggestions?

    1. Hey, Kim! If you are already working as a VA and feel confident in your ability to provide services as a proofreader at a professional level, you could do that. But if there is something holding you back about this, whether it’s confidence, marketing, or methods and technique to performing the work, then a course like ours may be very beneficial to you. Feel free to reach out with any other questions — caitlin@proofreadanywhere.com!

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