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How this Mom Makes Money Proofreading — Even with a Four-Year-Old at Home

Updated: September 25, 2017

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  1. I want to share a quick follow-up. As of my last invoice I have officially recouped all costs associated with starting my business! I have been working far less than even part time, as my 9-5 and life are keeping me on my toes, however I’m still finding success in this pursuit. Thank you, again, Caitlin! Without PA, I’d definitely not be a success story!

  2. What are the approximate expenses, in addition to Caitlin’s course cost, you expect to incur, i.e. web domain, business name registry, and so on?

  3. Hi, I am inspired by your story! I haven’t started the course yet but I am looking forward to it. I read your story and noticed that you also had a profile on UpWork! Did you do any tests on that platform?

  4. I would have 1 full day per week and maybe 1-2 hours during the evenings of the week available to proofread with my current full-time job work schedule. Would this time be sufficient to begin my proofreading business? I want to have a great reputation, getting the job done and returned to my clients on time. How much control do you have in taking in work and in predicting the time needed to complete the job?

  5. I too am contemplating doing this course and even complementing it with transcribing as a full-time business. I also have to do the transcribing course offered by Caitlin’s friend/colleague Janet Shaughnessy.

  6. Im an MLS that works evening shift too! Unlike Stephanie though, Im ready to go and Im hoping the PA course is my ticket out:)

    1. Hi Nikki! I am also an MLS on the evening shift. I have been in the field since 2004. I am also ready for a career change. I noticed Stephanie wrote her article in 2017. I still loved my job back then too. There were little warning signs starting back then, so much has changed since then.

  7. Thanks so much, Stephanie, for sharing your personal experience! I’m nervous about finding work after I graduate and, after reading your story, I feel more confident about continuing onward!

  8. Still working on the course but I LOVE the FB community and the emails from Caitlin and all the real-world stories like yours. I am close to retirement and want a fun job to keep making money. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Hi Stephanie! I am very inspired by your story. I have been looking into information about the world of proof reading for a while. I decided that before I just put myself out there and regret not getting the proper training/knowledge, I would enroll in a course to help me on my way. I have looked into other opportunities other than proofreadanywhere.com and I am actually really stuck between choosing this wonderful platform and another one that has similar benefits, but in addition guarantees employment with a company after passing the exams. I'd like to know if there were any other choices that you were considering other than PA and if so why'd you decide to pursue your dream here?

    1. The biggest differences between PA and “Other” PA (ha!) are that we go much more in-depth. We go far beyond the bare minimum of “Becoming a Proofreader.” The other options focuse largely on academic work and the technical aspects… but not so much of the business aspects. There is also, as far as we know, no online community
      With us, you receive:
      1) lifetime access (not just one year)
      2) lifetime updates (not just one year) — we are currently rolling out a massive update to our program that even our students who enrolled waaaaaay back in 2017 will still have access to. As the industry evolves, so do we, and we want the same for our students.
      3) lifetime support and community membership with staff moderators
      4) business setup how-to’s — how to actually function as a freelancer (we include a full tax guide)
      5) marketing how-to’s — how to use social media, set up a website, communicate with clients, and all of that is included (and always expanding). This is something where Proofreading Academy bombs; their “finding work” module is limited to a single unit titled “Freelance Tips.” It’s not helpful or actionable.
      6) Mindset mastery and confidence-building content is included
      7) We include the first part of our advanced niche training, Transcript Proofreading, for free in GP 🙂 This is where our competitors just can’t touch us. Transcript proofreading is a whole ‘nother bear to wrestle when it comes to proofreading, since it’s spoken word instead of pre-planned text, and it is one of the most profitable niches in proofreading.
      Since Proofreading Academy is based in the UK, in our opinion (which of course is a bit biased but nonetheless, we have a lot of experience to back it up), its less conventional style that is focused far more on technical theory vs. real-world practice and implementing the tangible business and marketing skills to succeed long-term is its biggest downfall.

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