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Keisa’s Journey — Four Clients in the First Two Weeks!

Super pumped to bring you a brand new student success story! Keisa’s energy is contagious — even in cyberspace! It’s incredible and her story just blows me away. Enjoy!

What a BEAUTIFUL lady!
What a BEAUTIFUL lady!

Tell us a little about your background, Keisa!

I have a B.A. in History from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!!!) and initially wanted to be a museum curator. However, after a couple of years, I realized that I wanted a better quality of life and that I valued being a stay-at-home mom much more than a career outside the home. So I began looking for legitimate opportunities to work from home, which was challenging at times. Eventually, I began working as an online ESL teacher, and that’s what I’ve done primarily for the last several years.

When did you start proofreading transcripts, and what made you decide to learn how to proofread transcripts?

I didn’t begin proofreading transcripts until this course. Even though I didn’t have any professional experience proofreading, I’ve always been my family’s resident “editor,” proofing various documents for my husband. Plus, I’m an avid (some might say “rabid” lol) reader, so when I saw this opportunity I was immediately drawn to it. I knew it was a chance to have an even better quality of life on my own terms, to truly “work to live” not “live to work.”

What was the most challenging part in getting started?

The hardest part about getting started was believing that I could do it. I had no doubts about the course itself, but I wasn’t sure I would be good enough to earn the kind of income I wanted. However, taking Caitlin’s free seven-day course and seeing how accessible she was really gave me the confidence that I could definitely do it.

What was/were the most valuable thing(s) you learned during the course?

The most valuable thing I took away from the course is that it’s okay to be human. I am a perfectionist and hate making mistakes, but the course helped me to accept that I will make mistakes and that when I do it’s not the end of the world. I strive to be excellent, but I will never be perfect.

How long did it take you to find your first client? How many clients do you have now?

It actually only took me a day to find my first client. I began searching on a Monday and had my first client on Tuesday! I was quite surprised and excited. It’s only been two weeks and I currently have four clients. I’ve just recently completed my first job and am super excited to see how my business continues to grow!

EDITOR’S NOTE: In just a few weeks following this interview, Keisa reported having paid off her investment in an iPad, and had almost paid off the entire enrollment fee! WOW!

9/2/2015 UPDATE from Keisa: “Since my success story, things have gotten a lot busier. I made $1400 in July and also in August. Not too shabby at all for part-time income, but I’m hoping to see that increase even more in the coming months as the busy season arrives. My goal is to consistently bring in at least $2000/month through proofing. I haven’t actively searched for clients in a few months, but I have ten clients now thanks to referrals.”

What advice would you give anyone thinking about enrolling in the course to proofread transcripts? Is it worth the money?

My advice to anyone thinking of taking the course would be to go for it! Most of us who have what it takes knew this opportunity was right the moment we laid eyes on it. If that’s you, then don’t let fear hold you back. The course is legit and the opportunity is real. It’s always a bit scary to invest time and money into learning something new, but the absolute thoroughness of the course, plus the wonderful support from Caitlin and from other students taking the course makes this opportunity more than worth it.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I also just want to say THANK YOU to Caitlin for putting this course together! So many people do a lot of things well, but not everyone chooses to share that knowledge with a sincere desire to help others. Your authenticity is refreshing, and I believe that the students who say yes to this course do so not only because of the incredible opportunity it represents but also because of your inspiring nature.

Thank you for your inspiring and encouraging words, Keisa!! Keisa remains an active part of our student forum here on the site and is always quick to help other students.

Do you have questions or encouragement for Keisa? Leave them in the comments below, and we’ll make sure she sees them!!

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  1. Thank you, Caitlin and Keisa, for a great post and an encouraging story! I’m so looking forward to finishing the course and getting down to business. Here’s to great success for all of us!

  2. THANK YOU for sharing your story! It is so encouraging. My main WHY is to spend more quality time with my son (our first baby) and my family. This is just more of a boost for me that I can do this! What would be the time it takes on a weekly basis to handle work from one or two clients? I’m trying to get a gauge for that time since now I work a full time 40 hour week.

  3. Thanks for sharing this incredible journey with us. Caitlin and Keisa are truly a great source of inspiration. May all who take this new and exciting journey continue to find success abundantly.

  4. I am wondering if having poofreading skills is enough to generate interest from CRs or if one needs scoping and transcribing skills, too. Does anyone know?

    1. It will depend on the court reporter, but I’ve been doing it for over five years and do not scope or transcribe, just proof 🙂

        1. I second Caitlin’s response. I only proofread, and the reporters I work for are perfectly satisfied with that. They do the scoping themselves, then turn to me for proofreading.

    1. That is editing for court reporters using special software and audio. Knowledge of the steno language is required.

  5. How much does the course cost after the 7 day Intro, please?

    1. Hi, Ibett! You’ll find all the information you’re looking for here. 😀

  6. How do you find clients in search of a proofreader? Are there any companies you recommend?

    1. Hi, Sacha! The full course has a whole module devoted to marketing. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 🙂

  7. I would like to proofread ebooks. If you haven’ t read one lately rhey are absolutely horrible. How do you find a job doing this? I’ ve been called a Facebook grammar nazi as well…. 🙂

  8. Keisa thank you for your personal story and honest feedback. Can you please provide a link to ESL online teaching? I wish you much success and prosperity.

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