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Just a Month in, and Kristin’s Got $1,000 More to Travel the World

Updated: June 15, 2015

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  1. I have read everyone’s story on this page. I am truly inspired. Yesterday, I was laid off from my job. The timing couldn’t be worse. Stories like these give me hope. Thank you all for sharing. I hope to make a great proofreader someday!

  2. I am on SSDI. It is not enough money to live life, only to barely survive it.
    I survived lung cancer and I want to live the life I was given.
    I pick up mistakes naturely while I read. I read where proofreading could be a possible way of making extra cash and enjoying the satisfaction of what I do.
    Any steps in how to begin in the proofreading field would be great as I have trouble in feeling the confidence to not only look forward but to move forward.
    Cancer has left me afraid of grasping a future due to the fear if it attacking my body again.
    Like I am not capable and will let anyone and everything down if the cancer returns.
    I keep to myself to save others. Proofreading would give purpose to my days, without involving personal relationships.
    I've always had an eye for good grammer. A push in the right direction and learning more may be just what I need to become a great proofreader.
    While giving myself the confidence and tools to live the gift of life I've been given!

  3. Oh geez, then I made my own spoofs in my grammer! Not a good start.

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