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Isn’t proofreading on an iPad less accurate than on paper?

Updated: September 8, 2015

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  1. Does your company have some kind of sales agreement with iPad? I’m living on a very limited income and can’t afford a new electronic product.

    I am not particularly computer savvy. Can I get assistance with any questions I might have?

    1. No, no agreement 🙂 The app is what we love, not the iPad itself. You *can* do this work on paper, but you’d still need to learn how to scan the pages and use email to send the file back. There are a few other apps you can use on a PC, but I really can’t recommend them to be as good as the iPad + iAnnotate combo.

        1. I’ve heard it’s been revamped, but I’m just not clear if it includes all the features that the iOS version does… namely, stamps!! 🙂 If you find out, let me know.

    2. You can try a refurbished one too or shop “open box” at best buy. Maybe set some money aside little at a time? gazelle has a few for under $200. Saving might take awhile but it might be worth it! I hope that info helps!

  2. Caitlin & Team, I saw elsewhere on the site that you prefer the iPad mini (8″) to the larger 10″ or 12″ models. I was surprised, and then I realized how convenient the smaller size must be for carrying around and holding in your hand (especially for long periods of time). I’m curious; have you used iAnnotate to proofread on the iPhone 6 Plus?

    1. I have not. iAnnotate does not yet exist for iPhones, though!! I hear they’re going to release it soon, but honestly I think even the 6 Plus’s screen is too small.

  3. I am interested in learning more. Have searched the site for the price for the training, but have not found it. What is the fee for training, and what computer equipment, etc., is required? And the 1-2 hour a day introduction work period might be a problem; is that an estimate? Sorry for so many questions.

  4. I just got my iPad, and now I just have one question; iannotate or iannotate 4?

    1. iAnnotate 4 is the latest version, and Branchfire will be phasing out iAnnotate. That being said, they are still working out the kinks of the new program, and a lot of people are sticking with the old version for now while the new app is going through the debugging phase. But eventually, you’ll need to upgrade.

  5. Is it possible to try the Free 7 day intro course before investing in an iPad? I would be using either my desktop or laptop.

    1. You don’t need an iPad until Next Steps, Modules 3 through 5. And strictly speaking, you don’t need an iPad at all, but it’s highly recommended. You can read why Caitlin recommends an iPad and what alternatives are available here: Why iPad?

  6. I have an iPad 2. While an iPad Pro with its larger display, Retina technology, and greater processing power would ultimately be the way to go, do you believe an iPad 2 is sufficient for proofreading as taught by PA?

    1. Caitlin actually recommends an iPad mini because it’s smaller and makes traveling with it easier. The most important thing to look for, though, is that it’s going to keep up with Apple’s updates. 🙂

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