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Is Proofread Anywhere a scam?

Updated: May 1, 2015

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  1. I did my research before enrolling, for sure. I also enrolled in the free, week-long course and was thoroughly convinced that it was completely legit. The voice in your writing was never a “get rich quick” or scammy tone. I’m working through the practice transcripts in the full course now and loving it! Definitely not a scam!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Jeri!! 😀 I am so glad you’re enjoying the course.

  2. I’m very interested in this course of study and job opportunity. My one question, is the market saturated at this point? It seems this is all over the internet. Thank you for what you’re doing!

    1. Yes, it’s in quite a few places on the internet, but only because it’s something very few people have known about up until this point. Before this course existed, the only way to become a proofreader for court reporters was to mentor directly with a proofreader or court reporter, but even then, it was not a structured training and a lot of important information likely got left out — like how do you manage and grow your business? No, the market is not flooded. Not everyone’s meant to be a proofreader, and we don’t market it as such. There are thousands of court reporters finishing school on a regular basis across the country (and there are hundreds of ways to become a court reporter); this program is so small in comparison, but we are pioneering a structured way to train proofreaders. See this link for more: https://proofreadanywhere.com/is-the-proofreading-market-flooded/

  3. Caitlyn! Thank you for such a quick reply! I am genuinely intrigued about the possibilities presented through your program.

  4. Hi, Caitlin!

    It’s interesting that your article brought up online transcribing courses. I was just wondering if this site is related in any way to transcribeanywhere.com. Their website looks a good deal like yours, complete with a seven-lesson mini-course.

    1. Yes, we are affiliated 🙂 Janet and I are very good friends, and she’s using the name Transcribe Anywhere with my thumbs up. I’ve also personally seen the course content, and it’s the exact opposite of the crap floating around out there. In the article, I’m mainly referring to the types of scams for “at-home typing” where you get bungled into paying for a list of companies supposedly hiring, which turns out to be totally bogus. Janet’s the real deal!

  5. I did proofreading for court reporters in the past. Do I need to take your course to qualify for proofreading jobs?

    1. There is no certification or test or list of “approved” proofreaders in the court reporting world. The course trains you to proofread, so if you already have the skill then you ARE qualified. Do you know how to proofread transcripts? Do reporters hire you and come back for more? Then you’re good.

      Why you should take the course: to be thoroughly trained in the skill of proofreading for transcript. Do you think you can or should improve your skill? Do you know the ins and outs of proofreading specifically for court reporters? The course offers not just training on the skills needed, but covers technology, client services, marketing — everything you need to start your own freelance proofreading business. And it comes with an amazing community to boot! So you tell me: Do you need to take this course? If you still not sure, why don’t you sign up for the free intro course and see what you think.

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