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How Typos Sell You…or Screw You

Updated: December 9, 2014

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  1. “And it’s not exactly something that a grammar or spell- check would flag for correction.”

    “And it’s not exactly something that a grammar or spelling checker would flag for correction.”


  2. Yeah, that is correct. I changed mine to “spell-check” — that’s just what it’s called in this industry (transcripts) 😉

  3. Thanks to technology, one can survive with limited vision — that was one of my greatest fears as a reader, actually having less vision seems to help, there is less to distract me — we will see if you agree with me as I go through the course!!

  4. I moderated a forum for proofreades some years ago. In discussing reliance on spell-check I suggested the following:

    SCUD–Spell Check Ugly Duckling. Using spell-check as the primary tool to locate all spelling/ grammatical errors will not cause you to explode as if hit by a missile, but you may feel as if you were shot in the foot!!!


  5. Each fall, back in the 1990s, a local photo shop would put up on their sign outside, “Get your roomate pictures developed here.” Can’t you just imagine what those pictures would look like if you had a kangaroo as a spouse? ?

  6. LOL! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. CVS and pasta. Wow. Thanks. ?

  7. When working at a large daily newspaper many years ago, we printed a film review. It included the line that the film had been sh*t in Chicago. That should have been “shot in Chicago.”
    Yes, the first edition ran with the error.

    1. OOPS! That’s the kind of error that lives on for years afterward. 🙂

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