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Ultimate Guide on How to Become a Proofreader

Updated: March 29, 2021

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  1. What software is necessary to offer proofreading services?

    1. Hi Elizabeth! At minimum, you’d just need access to Google Docs! Microsoft Word is common, too, but Google Docs is universal and easily collaborative.

  2. Excellent article with a lot of useful information. I have enjoyed reading it and will certainly follow the guide in setting up my proofreader business. Thanks Proofreader Anywhere.

    Elizabeth Owuor-Oyugi

  3. I agreed when you stated that proofreaders can review for common word usage errors. My friend wants to ensure that all her papers are error-free. I should advise her to opt for an online proofreading service to get her papers checked.

  4. Excellent article. Thank you for all the time and effort poured into sharing such indispensable information. This guide has me seriously considering a new career in freelance proofreading! Please forgive me for seeking clarification, but I noticed “Step 9:…” is listed twice consecutively. Is it meant to be a two part step? Thank you again! Cheers 💕

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