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How much money can I make as a general proofreader?

Updated: May 2, 2017

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    1. There aren’t any specific prerequisites to being a proofreader besides a strong grasp of the grammar and punctuation rules. Caitlin does have a course to help you practice with these rules and to help you start a proofreading business. You can learn more about the course through the free workshop here. 🙂

  1. So how many words/lines per hour are proofreaders able to edit?

    1. This just depends on the proofreader, the subject matter, and how many errors there are.

  2. The link to the free, introductory mini-course keeps popping up an error of “too many redirects”. Something is wrong. I get the same error for every link to it that I’ve tried, on two or three pages already. I’m very interested in this mini-course, but I can’t seem to get there from here!

    1. I just realized that the link I gave you isn’t to what you were trying to sign up for. Thank you for letting us know about that error, and we are working on fixing it! 🙂

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