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How I Got Kicked Out of a FB Group of Transcript Proofreaders

Updated: March 10, 2015

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  1. Hi Caitlin,

    I am so sorry that you had to endure all of this. I love that you stated “Not feeling threatened by another person’s success”. This is a phenomenal way of thinking and it should be everyone’s mantra, no matter what type of work others are doing! It is now mine and I thank you for this.

    I am thrilled to be taking your course and as you as my mentor, there is no way that I cannot succeed!

    Thank you so much.

    1. Awwww! Pardon me while I go cry! That is so nice and encouraging. Thank you so much for your support!!

  2. I too have witnessed bias and ignorance in so many areas Caitlin.

    I was subject to a mass of accusations late last year when I built a website for my wife which was launched here in the UK in order to help the unemployed who had been unfairly, or illegally sanctioned by the Department of Work and Pensions i.e., losing their fortnightly benefit payment for anywhere between 1 month to a year and therefore receiving no income whatsoever to pay rent/mortgage, place food on the table or pay bills.

    The site attracted attention from national newspapers and the BBC here in the UK as well as other media outlets, the publicity was generally favourable in nature, more so because it was being carried out free of charge.

    The unemployed generally loved us, however, an unexpected source of bile, criticism and accusation, was other websites who offered help to the unemployed.

    One particular forum which was allied to such a website was particularly cutting in its remarks. Someone on there wrongly stated my site was owned by a USA spammer and they were openly warning their readers to avoid visiting us, not a single adverse comment was true.

    At one point, in a fit of pique, I took the site off-line but had a change of heart following the receipt of a large number of emails asking me to reconsider my decision.

    I see people in many other areas being abusive and making accusations too, one only has to take a look at some of the comments on YouTube which are occasionally full of profanities as well as libellous statements, for no other reason than the perpetrator merely disagrees with another site visitor’s point of view.

    It’s sad, but true, that there are some people out there who seem to revel in twisting someone’s good intentions and attempting to turn a positive into a negative via their warped thought processes. As the French so succinctly put it, c’est la vie.

    1. WHEW! What a story, Adam! Some folks hide behind the veil of their screens and feel they can say and do anything to anyone… I reckon when people twist good intentions, it’s because they feel inadequate in some way and that’s their reaction. Not much to do about it other than hope they have a change of heart!

  3. Caitlin,
    I am so sorry that happened, believe it or not, something similar happened to me just yesterday and so I can really feel your pain, lol.

    I am so impressed with your website and your story; you can tell when someone’s story is real because the truth just shines through, as it does here.

    I have been taking your 7 day course and I was really sold on day 1!

    I am really excited to take your paid course and share your website with others; I know a lot of people who can be helped by the info you provide here.

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU, because I can see all the hard work that you have put into your website and I can tell that you really want to help others, thanks again. =)

    1. Wow, Melina!! Thank you so much for your kind words. They really brightened my day. You are very welcome. It’s really my mission to help people see they can overcome negativity in life, whether it was words someone else said or words they’ve been saying to themselves 🙂

  4. Caitlin, I just found you on the net. I live in Cuenca, too. I have registered for your course. I am a retired executive, that needs a little something to do. My degree was in English. I will look forward to getting my info about the course. I have lived here for 5 years. If I can be of help, let me know. Dean Keyes

  5. I spent 30 years as a freelance court reporter, working, depositions, hearing, arbitrations, trials, EEO hearings and CART work for the hearing impaired. I am now retired and don’t go out in the field, but I do edit/proofread for a few CR friends of mine. Looking for a little more work. I have Eclipse and CaseCAT software and can certainly download the IAnnotate on my iPad. I don’t need any training, as I have 30 years of it already. 🙂

    Would like to get some feedback from you how to get started with a few more clients. I don’t want too much; I’m semi-retired. But it would be nice to have a little more work! Thanks!

    1. One of my students was just asking if I knew an Eclipse scopist 🙂 One of her clients was wondering. I gave her your info. Are you on FB? Look for groups to join.

  6. To your statements… “I can’t guarantee it. I share the knowledge. I can’t force anyone to take action with said knowledge.” It reminds me of a quote I once saw… “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.” ~ Walter Ely

  7. I am very excited to learn about you and your sharing your knowledge with the rest of the wannabe’s. I have fibromyalgia and did NOT get my SS Disability, worked on the with attorney from 2008-2013 finishing up at Supreme Court. I had a buffet of issues, any one should have qualified me. I cannot STAND too long at one time, then last summer I fractured my L1 vertebrae (lower back) and was 140 days consecutively in a back brace with my feet up. Then Dec. sustained a burst fracture L1-5 afterward. They feared paralysis. (and not I was not) I posted 32 Legitimate jobs for one of my 5 support groups, and then my daughter sent me your Pin specifically with “This sounds like you Mom”. I have proofread text for my fathers print shop, the jr. hi. newspaper, Editor-in-Chief of 268 pg. year book, done my own legal writing, realtor, banker, etc. Fibromyalgia you can’t understand until you have it. “You don’t “get it” until you get it”. I started the 7 day course, and got your book, but then was hurting intensely, only to discover no, no new fractures, serious infection, more than a UTI, but when you are in pain all the time, you don’t notice new pain! Now that meds are doing their jobs, I am realizing how much better I feel! I didn’t know I had this. My 7 days are about up, and I’ve done zilch. I am hoping for a truly good feeling day tomorrow. Can I start over? My daughter is a Spanish teacher btw, 7 yrs, taking students to Mexico, Cancun and Dominican Republic. My personal spanish is “peketo”. Don’t always ramble this badly, sometimes, it’s worse! Thank you for your time and your great service to others! Jacque

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your ailments, Jacque! No need to start the intro course over, though. You are free to revisit the emails you’ve been sent during the free 7-day intro course. 🙂 Let us know if you have any questions! We’re here to help. Have a great weekend!

    2. I usually never reply to posts from other people because I fear the inevitable backlash from people who find a way to make everything negative. However, I just HAD to respond to your message, Jacque!

      I was also put on disability for Fibromyalgia in 2007. I did not get SS Disability when I initially applied, either. Nor did I get it from any of my subsequent appeals. I actually had to change attorneys and apply all over again! I finally got approved after the first appeal of my second application.

      Since 2007 I have received MANY new diagnoses (currently at 14!) and an abundance of medications to go with each one. At first it was one medication and insurance covered all of the $1,500 monthly cost. My list now tops 25 different daily medications!

      I lost my awesome insurance because I could not return to work. Now I am on Medicare, along with a supplemental policy, due to my continued disability. My medications continue to increase in cost. My total medication bill for 2016 was over $22,000! Fortunately I received help for that bill from Medicare and my out-of-pocket expenses were minimal. However, I lost this assistance at the end of 2016 because my husband received a pay increase that pushed our income over the limit to receive such help. As if that wasn’t enough, I received notification that my medication costs were going to significantly increase in 2017! I was not prepared for the sticker shock, though! The total estimated bill for this year jumped to an insane $34,000! To make matters worse, my estimated out-of-pocket costs skyrocketed to $15,000! My rent is less than that! My benefits are less than that!

      I went into full panic mode! I haven’t been able to work for 10 YEARS! How am I going to afford this? So here I am, looking for a way to earn some extra income so I don’t have to choose between food, rent, or medications. I found Caitlin’s course on Pinterest and thought I was dreaming. Getting paid to proofread?! How cool is that?! I have been the go-to person in my family (and at the office when I still worked) for proofreading everything for ages!

      Another round of panic has set in as I have started to read the various posts, comments, and questions. It seems like so much to absorb. How are you doing with your journey? Did you ever graduate from the program? Are you able to make this work during flareups? Do you have any tips or suggestions that would be specific to working during episodes of “fibro fog”?

      Thank you!

  8. I think you need to do a lot better training. I have used two proofreaders that took your course and they did a horrible job of proofreading my transcripts.

    1. Sorry to hear that, Marcy. I hope you told both of them personally that they did a horrible job — because they should be personally held responsible for it, not me. Despite our rigorous training and testing program (where we fail more students than we pass), we aren’t there proofreading over each of our graduates’ shoulders when they get out into the real world. If one of them does a poor job, the logical response isn’t to blame the instructor or the training — we didn’t do the proofreading. If a court reporter does a poor job, they don’t blame the court reporting school; they blame the court reporter. It’s the same thing with proofreading training. Everyone is responsible for their own work.

      1. MarcyC didn’t elaborate, but I wonder if one or both of those proofreaders only took the first part of the course and weren’t fully prepared to do the work … I could see ONE being “horrible,” but TWO seems unlikely.


  9. Hi Caitlin,

    Thanks for being right-on-with-the-light-on (as my old boss used to say).

    You are an INSPIRATION! Really you are. Thumbs up to you for facing the naysayers, and for exposing the “scam” (great exaggeration intended) that you offer!!!

    Perhaps my story is similar to many of the folks that you deal with. I just want to do something positive and worthwhile as I’m finished with the rat-race of the corporate world. Being an Executive Assistant in the insurance industry, with prior experience in transcribing lengthy statements of our insureds and witnesses involved in, or witness to accidents, injuries or fatalities. I’ve learned much over the years in the industry, and worked closely with our Litigation Department, while simultaneously maintaining my Realtor license for 10 years.

    But after many changes, and an early severance package from the insurance company (where I thought I would retire), health issues arose, and I suddenly became an anomaly to my physicians. It was discovered, after one year from the biopsy, that I had an extremely rare condition that required a huge team of specialists. I’ll spare ya the details of this ongoing affliction, but now my employment history has a huge gap in it and my recent attempts at securing a local, decent paying position have been futile.

    As I convalesced at home, and the well-wishing cards and phone calls slowed, my nieces, nephews, friends, former colleagues, friends of friends- basically, everyone and their mother would tap my shoulder to review their papers, letters, dissertations, thesis, short stories- you name it, it all came across my email. I actually enjoyed that, and so often I heard the terms, “scopist”, “proofreader”, “editor”, blah, blah, blah.

    I didn’t give much heed to it because I enjoyed reviewing other peoples’ stuff. However, the more my bank account shrunk (because life goes on, even after gainful employment goes away), I started realizing, hmm, maybe I ought to look into proofreading or transcribing or something along those lines…and lo and behold, a few searches on Google and I came across your site.

    Thank you for being so open and honest and thank you for not making this potentially new career not so scary. I’m looking forward to going through the workshop and seeing what is out there.

    Working from home would be absolutely ideal for me, in that I won’t have to spend too many hours at the office, waste even more hours in traffic, and then get home to do dinner, dishes, laundry, blah, blah, blah. Not to mention avoiding those who think being sick means coming into work and spreading it to everyone else.

    I will now review everything on your site and get myself prepared for my ‘Freelance Proofreading Hustle’. It’s time for me to shake off the cobwebs and get this brain in gear.
    How exciting, and thanks again for being so clear and handling the naysayers, and the critics, like a champ!!!

    Mrs. Bora

  10. Caitlin, I know I am insecure. I am too interested in how I compare to others. However, since you have forearmed us, I want to school myself to be among those who do not see the success of others as a threat. I want to concern myself solely with my own progress. Thank you!

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