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How Do I Get the First Client? + I HATE MARKETING!

Updated: March 18, 2015

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  1. For the life of mr, I cannot find the name of the proofreading app you mentioned. Would you please list it again?

  2. Hi, Caitlin,

    I, too, haaaaate marketing! Aside from Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media outlets, is it still possible to get clients without having to do it online? I have no problem with in-person or on the phone. It’s just that I’m a private person and prefer not to advertise online. Pleeeease tell me there are ways! Apart from that issue, I’ve been really excited about pursuing a new career in proofreading. You’ve been so encouraging!

    1. Yes! The methods would basically work the same, except instead of e-mailing, you’d just call them!

  3. “If you’re not willing to invest the time and a (reasonable amount) of dough”

    “If you’re not willing to invest the time and (a reasonable amount of) dough”


  4. HI..getting ready to sign up! I have zero tablet experience and I know Caitlyn recommends Apple iPad, but I see iAnnotate comes in Android, as well…anyone currently using an Android tablet with good results? I don’t want to limit my choices if both work equally well…any insight welcome!

  5. Hi Caitlin; We’ve talked via email before, and I’m now leaning toward the transcript side of proofreading. I have no problem with the whole electronic world, including tablets and various apps. My concern for the day relates to using social media for marketing. I am on Linked-In and have a Facebook page, but have a VERY small number of contacts on both sites. While some people collect Facebook “friends” like trading cards, I insist on knowing the people whose comments populate my site. That said, it is fairly obvious that I’m not going to get a lot of business through social media. Do you teach other methods of marketing? Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi, Jody! There are many ways to market beyond social media! In fact, marketing outside the box has yielded great results for some of our graduates. The course covers quite a few marketing avenues, and we have a wonderful Facebook group for our graduates to join after successfully completing the course where they can find ideas, guidance, and support from other graduates on all kinds of things, including effective marketing strategies. 🙂

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